Debra Danielsen Is Nonchalant About Farrah Abraham's Sexual Assault

Debra Danielsen

As a mother, you would probably be scorned and scared for your daughter after hearing she was sexually assaulted during a night out.

However, a recent report from RadarOnline shows that Debra Danielsen, Farrah Abraham's mom, has a little more of a nonchalant attitude towards it.

"She's never spoken to me about it," said Danielsen according to RadarOnline.

"The only thing I had ever heard is that one night she went out to a place and got drunk. Someone slipped something in her drink and she got attacked."

That wasn't all, Danielsen also had some harsh words and expressed more tough love. She insisted that abuse was no excuse for her current behavior and cutting people out of her life.

"She's never been abused as a child," said Danielsen according to the report.

"Even if she was abused, look at all the millions of people out there who suffered, they don't blame the world for it. They have to grow up."

These are some pretty harsh words from the Teen Mom OG star.

There is no telling how Abraham will react to the words of her mother, though, with Danielsen being cut out of her life, there is no telling whether she will even pay any mind to her mom.

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