Dear Teen Moms, NOBODY wants to hear your political opinions...

Teen Mom OG

As much as we complain about the Teen Mom franchise, it's great. And in general, it has gotten better over time.  

But more and more, the Teen Mom cast and creators are running around pushing their political opinions on us. And it's getting really tiring.

On one side, there are people like David Eason, pushing guns and homophobia, and on the other are people like TM creator Morgan Freeman, who insists on tweeting every five minutes about evil conservatives.

The latest in the round of expert Teen Mom punditry comes from Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer.  Calvert posted this on his Instagram:


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In his post, Calvert wrote: "Yup not buying no more yeti shit.... #fuckem #dumbaf#peopleproblems #notgunproblems @yeti@nationalrifleassociation"  He went on to rant about his political beliefs and how people who don't share them are idiots.

Of course, David Eason and Jenelle have also been talking politics a lot lately, as well as harassing others who disagree with their views on LGBT people.

Farrah, meanwhile, went from promoting Trump online to claiming the "me too" movement for herself, and complaining about people who attack others. She's now suggesting that she's some sort of feminist hero.

On the other side, if you follow Morgan Freeman's Twitter, it's just as annoying, with anti-conservative political rants every few minutes.

Do these people really think anyone wants to hear what their political views are?  Do they really think that because they managed to get pregnant at 16, they have some sort of moral clarity on the issues of Constitutional law?  Nobody cares what Jenelle thinks about trans people, and nobody cares what Morgan Freeman thinks about Trump.

So to all the Teen Mom characters: please, just shut up about the politics, and get back to what you're good at: making babies and cooking meth.