Is David Eason in Trouble with the US Government?!

Jenelle Evans

Another day, another misstep by David Eason.

Yes, folks, he appears to have used his social media account once again to piss off the wrong people. Except in this case, instead of upsetting a set of agitated fans everywhere, David appears to have upset the US Governement?!

TMZ is reporting that it all started when David apparently posted pics on his social media account of gun-friendly videos. He then proceeded to display some pics of bump stocks and hashtagged President Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

Since then, however, David received a visit from the secret service.

Woah. Did MTV catch that on tape? 'Cause we have to admit, that makes for some very interesting TV. 

Can you imagine Jenelle and David ordering the secret service to "get off their laaaaand." 

Here's what else TMZ said:

Jenelle's husband explains he did that simply because the 2 want to ban bump stocks -- which he's strongly against -- but he wasn't threatening harm. It's interesting, though ... because he follows it up with a vid of himself shooting a target with a high-powered gun at close range.

When is Jenelle going to leave this sad sack man?! After all, it is Jenelle making all of the money.

So what gives? Why bother having someone who's such a jerk remain dependent on her? Sadly, we suspect that this has a lot to do with a very unfortunate co-dependency pattern for Jenelle.

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