David Eason Keeps Attacking Teen Mom 2 Stars: See His Shocking Insults Here

Jenelle Evans

David Eason just won't go down without a fight and he seems to have decided that the scuba diving business he and Jenelle purchased just isn't keeping him busy enough. Nope.

David Eason had decided to take pot shots at just about every Teen Mom 2 controversy and seems to be successfully keeping himself in the news. So what did he have to say most recently?

David just won't let go of the fact that everyone else on Teen Mom who causes trouble gets credit for creating ratings while he got fired.

And now, he's calling MTV out on it once again. Here's how he weighed on all of the recent news about Kail and Bri's throwdown:

"So Kailyn Lowry is allowed to openly promote violence on set?" he wrote on Facebook on Aug.

8. "Then MTV promotes the violence by airing every second that Kailyn screamed that she wanted to hit Brianna so many times! Wow, it's okay to physically and verbally attack each other on the set with MTV!!!"

Hmmm. Once again, David seems to display very, very little insight about how badly he or Jenelle have acted in recent months. And fans are calling him out on it.

Jenelle is still getting a lot of heat for having pulled out a gun in front of Jace in a road rage incident and now, fans are actually calling for her firing.

Considering Jenelle has been threatening to quit herself over the whole firing of David, we wonder if MTV and Jenelle are headed for a major confrontation in the upcoming weeks.

What do you think? Will the next season be the last for Jenelle?


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