David Eason Goes On Shocking Homophobic Twitter Rant...See the deleted tweets

Jenelle Evans

This morning, David Eason continued his shocking Twitter rants after the shooting in Florida by going off on LGBT people.  In a series of Twitter posts attacking the media, former President Obama, woman, Eason called being LGBT an "abomination."

In what appear to be now deleted tweets, Eason wrote (note that the tweeter is not David - see the image):

Eason didn't delete the last tweet.

The response, of course, was swift with Twitter users contacting MTV to express disapproval at Eason's bigotry:

Many of the members of the Teen Mom cast came out against David, including Kai, Leah, and even Simon Saranl:

So now, we have Farrah, who was fired for taking her clothes off on video, and David Eason, who posts this.... Will he be fired? We'll have to see -- TLC fired a Counting On star for less...

Update: Here's some more

David and Jenelle deleted their accounts overnight.

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