David Eason goes (even more) nuts, attacks Leah's daughter and says he wasn't fired

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle told us that David got himself into Twitter trouble last time because he didn't really understand how to use social media -- and somehow because of that, he became a homophobic douchebag.  

But looks like her argument is coming crashing down.  Yesterday, Leah posted this photo:

In response to that, Eason started attacking Leah because she let her daughter wear makeup.  "I can't believe Cory [sic] would allow her to wear that much makeup," he commented.

That clearly angered other commenters, who hit back at him with comment like: "did you ask Nathan if you could drag Kaiser across the lawn? Cause I’m sure he would have said no."  Leah responded too, saying: "why are you even commenting on my post?"

Nevertheless, Eason continued, saying, "she just probably didn't ask him if it was okay first... I doubt he would allow that."

Later, Eason insisted that he hasn't been removed from Teen Mom 2.

After a commenter said Eason was fired from TM2, he responded, "Somebody must be reading fake news lmao check me out on the new season since I'm so fired." He will be on part of the new season, as it had already started recording...but (whether or not he knows) he'll be gone after that.

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