David Eason Goes on Bitter Rant about Lindsey Lohan

Jenelle Evans

Ah, how times have changed. Now that David Eason has been fired, he's got plenty of hatred to turn toward MTV. So, sure enough, as soon as the announcement about Lindsey Lohan's new show on MTV came out, he had to fire out a few insults about MTV. We wonder who he thinks is listening or cares? 

Here's what David had to say about Lindsey's new show:

“That girl is gonna run off with your gear and sell it for cocaine!” “I’m such a bad person but you go hire Lindsay??? WTF, that girl is gonna run off with your gear and sell it for cocaine!” “I mean everyone has their ups and downs in life but that’s more downs than ups! She will be MTVs new Farrah, only worse!”

One thing we don't understand about David and Jenelle is why they refuse to admit the wrong on their own parts. The reality is, is that David said homophobic things and promoted his family's gun usage on the worst day possible to do so and yet he seems to have very little insight about what he did.

Not to mention, it's not clear why Jenelle initially apologized on David's behalf, only to renege on the apology and push the fact that David got screwed.

Lohan may have a history of a substance abuse but the truth is, she hasn't said or done anything that would be harmful to others and she certainly hasn't been an internet troll a David has been. 

Also, isn't this a case of rampant hypocrisy? Especially considering that Jenelle has really struggled with her own drug abuse problems, all the while abandoning her child, should David really be calling Lohan out on her history of drug usage? 

We're guessing Lohan isn't about to engage with David on this one. 


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