Being Dad: A Teen Mom Special Recap

ryan edwards

Being Dad was a special that focused on the lives of three of the best dads to hit the Teen Mom franchise: Ryan, Corey, and Jo.

MTV camera crews followed the dads around for a short period of time to catch up fans of the show on what it's like to be a dad, since most of the Teen Mom episodes feature the mothers a significant amount more than the dads.

ryan and shelby


Ryan gives his back story to catch up people on what's happened in his life for the last 5 years. He says that he found out his ex-girlfriend Maci was pregnant when he was 19, and when things didn't work out between them, he started dating a lot.

He's been dating a girl named Shelby for almost a year, and things are pretty serious between the two of them.

Since Shelby's lease for her apartment is up in a few months, Ryan thinks that it would be a good idea to move in with her in order to get out of his parents' house.

Ryan decides to ask Shelby about how she feels about moving in together. It turns out that Shelby is perfectly fine with it, but Bentley heard the conversation from the hallway, and doesn't seem too thrilled about moving in with the two of them.

Bentley is crying and freaking out to Ryan's parents in the basement, and so Ryan has to have a talk with him about how he's feeling.

Ryan assures Bentley that he's still going to be able to see everyone in his family no matter where he's living.

Later on, Ryan and Shelby take Bentley to look at some apartments. Bentley seems much better, and Ryan picks up an application for the place.

Ryan's dad doesn't seem too thrilled about Ryan and Shelby living together because there isn't a significant commitment, and there's not a plan for what will happen when the relationship turns sour.

Ryan doesn't really budge on his opinion, but it's nice to see that someone is being the voice of reason in this situation.

At the end of the episode, Maci comes to pick up Bentley and asks Ryan how things are with Shelby. Ryan says things are going well, and that they looked at places to rent.

Maci seems to be fine with his decision, and the meeting ends with Ryan going inside and Maci taking Bentley back to her house.

Bentley tells his mom that he doesn't want to live with Ryan and Shelby, but that he's going to.

jo and vee


Jo gives us his back story about how he and Kailyn didn't work out, and then he met his girlfriend Vee.

He struggles with dealing with custody issues because his son lives 3 hours away now, but that since he became a dad, his son, Isaac, has been his main priority.

The episode starts with Jo going to pick up Isaac from Kailyn at their meeting spot. Things seem to go well, and Kailyn makes a joke about all of the MTV cameras, since at this time, Kailyn was being filmed for Teen Mom 2 as well.

After Isaac says goodbye to everyone, he's on his way back to Jo and Vee's apartment.

Vee is there waiting for them to get home, and Isaac gives her the left over part of his ring pop and says that they're married.

Vee makes a comment about how Isaac will propose before Jo will, and Jo just kind of lets it slide.

Later, Vee and Jo are talking about their goals for the future. It's pretty clear that Vee wants to get married and have another kid.

Jo says that his goal for a while was to have a food truck, and own his own business that way.

Vee says that she would like to open a daycare in Florida, but Jo says that he can't do that because it's too far away from his son.

Vee understands, but it still upset and feels like Jo's giving up on his dreams completely.

Later, Jo takes Isaac to visit his grandma. It turns out that Jo's parents got a divorce, and Isaac doesn't really know how to handle his feelings about that.

For his whole life, he's seen his grandparents together, but now he's just seeing his grandma, so he starts saying how he misses his grandpa.

Jo's mother is quick to say that it doesn't matter that they don't live together because they both still love Isaac very much.

At the end of the episode, Jo and Vee go out to eat with Isaac at a diner, and Vee leaves the table because she's upset about things that have happened.

When she comes back, she starts crying about how she wants a marriage and how even though Jo already has a son, it doesn't mean that she doesn't want a child of her own some day.

Jo says that he doesn't want to be pressured into anything, and that he's still only 22 years old and isn't 100% sure of what he wants in his future.

corey and miranda


Corey's back story involves the fact that his ex-wife, Leah, found out she was pregnant with twins after the two had only been together for a month.

Corey's relationship with Leah was a rollercoaster, and after 6 months of marriage, they got a divorce.

Leah moved on quickly and now has another child, while Corey moved on slower, but eventually found Miranda, and the two have been married for 9 months at this time.

Miranda is adjusting to life with two kids, and she seems so genuine about it. She says from the start that the cameras being around make her anxious, and that she doesn't like attention.

Corey understands, and does all of the disciplining when he has the kids, because Miranda doesn't want to step over her boundaries as a stepmother.

While these two talk about how hard it is with Corey's former marriage, they always talk about how it's important that they put the past behind them and always put the girls first.

Corey talks with his dad about how things have changed. His dad says he's happy that Corey is happy, but that Corey's been through more stuff than he had been through when he was 22 years old. Corey agrees, but says that he's taking it day by day and putting the kids first. Miranda goes out for lunch with a friend and they talk about the relationship that Miranda and Leah have.

Miranda says that she wants things to be civil and doesn't want things to ever be awkward. Miranda reveals that her parents were divorced also, and she doesn't want the girls to have to go through the same things she did.

When Miranda states that there are always boundaries between Leah and Corey, the producer speaks up and asks what she means by that.

Miranda puts her in her place by saying that she's just stirring the pot and looking for drama. When Miranda answers the question, it's nothing special or dramatic like they were expecting.

Corey drops the girls off with Leah, and they're friendly for the most part, but nothing seems out of line. Corey and Leah agree on a time to meet up for their next kid exchange, and they're on their way.

Over all, the Being Dad special was less dramatic than I was expecting it to be. I'm glad that they used it as a catch up, but I'm also wishing we could have seen a little more into the daily lives of these guys.

After all, the moms all got their own hour-long special, so the guys are getting the short end of the stick again. If you missed Being Dad this morning, you can watch it tonight on MTV at 8/7 central time.


i missed it so i have to try and watch it tonight. hopefully it will me on the

alo where is gray,Adam and Taylor?? i thought they were going to to the special as well?

i am glad that Jo,Ryan and Cory are doing there best for their kids. i miss seeing ryan on my TV. screen

I was wondering the same thing. I thought it was going to be about the 6 guys. I tried to look for future episodes I thought maybe they were going to get another episode dedicated to the three of them but I didn't find anything. Does anyone know anything?

I feel if that were a thing, they would have swapped Corey with Tyler. There's no way they would split the boys 3 and 3 for the specials and have the only 3 boys audiences tolerate all in the same special. Lol what a trainwreck it would be to watch a special with just Adam, Gary and Tyler giving us all the ins-and-outs on how to be a good dad. :P

I really wanted to see Adam though. I mean the guy is a trainwreck but it would be really interesting to get his perspective just once. I'd like to see how he handles Paislee. Hes a lot more involved with her then hes ever been with Aubree so I'm really curious how that's going. He's always painted as the asswhole/trainwreck and let's face with all his issues I'm sure he is one. However, I'd like to get his side of the story. I'm sure MTV really emphasizes his bad things and hides any positives. I want to see some positives if there are any.

WHOA Vee looks like shit there. I haven't watched it yet.

I haven't seen this, but I remember Vee whining on about marriage in some other catch up special. I guess when you find a guy with Jo's exemplary rapping skills you just can't afford to let them go.

Lol yea i saw in the preview Vee whining about getting married right in front of Issac...and Issac says WHAT'S WRONG NOW!? Anbd then Vee is crying and Issac goes "protect her." Omg he's so adorable.

Yeah Isaac is super adorable but it bugged me how they were talking about it in front of Isaac. That whole breakdown should not have happened in front of Isaac at all. The way he said what's wrong now made me feel like this happens often with them which is not a good thing. Poor kid always having to comfort the grown ups

I REALLY don't like how the producers were egging people on and egging people on. I know it's their job to capture drama but fuck... I would feel so wrong doing that.

It makes me wonder how much they egg the actual girls on. I like how on all the specials they break the third wall and talk to the cameras and acknowledge that MTV is there. It kinda clues us in on how much drama is created by the producers. I feel like we might not dislike the girls as much as we do if we knew what all was egged on by MTV and what all was just pure drama from the girls.

I've always thought that about Chelsea. She's the least drama filed one so I've always thought the producers told her to go on and on about Adam. Don't in the beginning but in the latter episodes you could tell she wasn't obsessive over him but the show still made it that way. Same with maci and Ryan on her catch up special. I'm sure Ryan sits and tries to track her down b sob they can be in the same club. Too bad the girls can't write a tell all. I bet amber would tell it how it really is lol.

I have to admit, when Isaac said, "protect her," there came the waterworks! So sweet.

So how many boyfriends and girlfriends of his parents has Bentley been living with or spending tons of time with now? At least like 6 or 7. And now that Maci's moving in her boyfriend, that'll be 4? that he's lived with. That really bugs.

Lol no wonder Bentley just wants to stay with his grandparents. he's like fuck this shit lol... I don't blame him!

I didn't watch it either. But, I love Miranda's response to the producer. Good for her! It's hard being a step mom. I speak from experience. But, I couldn't imagine being married to someone who is on TV and know/seen my SO's and his ex's history.

I loved Miranda's response it was so cute. She was still so classy about what she said too, she didn't go into private details and stuff.

Why the fuck is Vee crying over being married and having a kid when she's like, what, 21, 22?

I totally agree, I think cause she wants a trap baby like Kailyn has

I disagree. It's got to be hard being in a relationship when you know your boyfriend doesn't want the same things. They've been together for awhile so it's understandable why she's upset. I've been with my husband since 19 (I'm 25) and had our son when I was 23. We both wanted a kid so I never had that problem. But it would definately upset me to be in love with someone and them not wanting a kid. I agree that it does not need to be talked about around Isaac. Jo and Kail are both so inappropriate with what they talk about around him. It's a kid who can understand them!

They've been together for a while but they're still young. Joe is only 22. If he didn't have Isaac already I bet she wouldn't expect him to purpose and start thinking about kids already. Just because he had kids young the first time didn't mean he has to have another one young again. He obviously doesn't have a stable job and means to support a larger family yet so of course he's not ready yet. It's not weird for a 22 year old to not be ready yet for marriage and kids. Most people that age are just finishing college or working on finishing it. There priorities still consist of partying. Joe is a little more responsible because he had a kid already but I think it's smart for him to not take on another kid for a while. He said he was unsure about his future and didn't know if he wanted more kids. That's normal. I think it's weird of Vee to be bugging him about marriage. He's said over and over he's not ready for that step yet because he's still young and has time. I agree with him. Look at Kail, she rushed and married javi and had another kid. Everyone including myself thought it was too fast and she should've waited. Well Joe is doing just that. If he's not sure that's what he wants then he doesn't need to be committing himself like that!

I definately agree with you! The worst thing to do is to push marriage and kids on someone who doesn't want it. I just see where that would upset someone wanting kids. She obviously isn't completely bent out of shape about it or she would leave Jo. I agree with him being honest with her and not wanting to rush things for sure :)

Lol she knew exactly what she was getting into. Also they are YOUNG. They have time...she's like 21!!! Wtf she's not even established to where she wants to be yet. She said she wants to own her own business. It's just stupid, it just seems like she wants that link to him so he can't get out of the relationship lol. I'm glad he was straight with her and brought her back to reality! Also Vee needs to keep that shit away from Issac.

I'm really curious Kail's reaction to all this. Like this would he a perfect excuse for why Vee is a bad presence in Isaac's life. You know how she is, she looks for any excuse to cut Joe out and she may have found one. Although Vee totally seemed to be on her side when she said how hard it must be for kail to make the trip with Lincoln. Also Kail and Jo seemed to be on really good terms during the drop off. They were laughing and joking. We never see that during teen mom 2. They always seem to be really tense and arguing about something. I wonder how much of that is scripted.

Omg she's probably flipppppinngggg out

I've known I've wanted kids since my early teens and once I hit 21 it was important to me that the people I chose to be with wanted the same thing, not in that instant or in even a year probably not for 8 or 10 years, but to know they wanted the same thing was important. It was one of the first conversations my SO and I had, "do you want to get married one day? Do you want children one day?" Both of us didn't want to be in a position of ending up in a relationship only to find out one or the other didn't want the same thing. That's just heartbreaking.

I can completely understand the idea that Vee would want to know the idea of Jo marrying her and having kids with her isn't entirely repulsive to him. Without that reassurance I can see how it would develop into "why won't you propose why won't you have kids with me?"

She may not even want or need those things right now but if Jo entirely refuses to see it from her point of view, I understand how it might have escalated like it has.

Yeah that's what I trying to say too. It's seems like vee is a hated character on here lol. I don't think she needs to be talking about it in front of Isaac though.

I understand where both of y'all are coming from. However what he said was he doesn't know right now. He said he's still 22 and has his whole life ahead of him and he doesn't know if that's what he wants yet. I think that's very understandable. Most guys that age don't think about marriage and children yet. That's really young still. Most people are still in college or just getting out. The average age for people to get married is 25/26 he's still got a few years to figure that out. I think Vee sees the guys like Corey and Javi and Jeremy who are the same age and getting married so she's thinking that it's the norm to just get married really fast when you have kids young. She keeps saying she wants that in the future then why doesn't she worry about that when they get closer to the future. I'd give it another few years. If he's not interested about marriage and kids around that time then dump him and move on. If she's worried about wasting her time then dump him now and move on. The truth is, love is a gamble. She could find a guy that wants marriage and kids like her and date him and then he proposes and they break up before the marriage or even get a divorce after. She doesn't know what's going to happen. I think that's Jo's point. He can sit here and tell her yeah I'm gonna marry you someday but if he really doesn't want to get married until much later that's a lot of time. He doesn't know what's going to happen in that time. They can grow up and realize they're not right for each other. They could end up breaking up. Unless it's something that they plan on doing in the very near future then there's no point in talking about it because who knows if they will stay together. He can say I see us together and married 5 years from now but then they might break up a year later. If he's really not sure if he wants to get married and have kids then he's doing the right thing in not promising her anything because its not fair to her. It would be stringing her along. She came off really dramatic when she was crying about that and in front of Isaac too. Then again MTV was there and I bet they really made it over dramatic and wouldn't let it go so it could've been that too.

It could just be me, but all of my guys friends and the guys I dated knew enough of themselves to know how they felt about one day having a family, sure none of them were jumping up and down to settle right then and that's entirely fair, but they had an idea of what they wanted. I think guys often don't get enough credit in that area. I think they know what they want it's just a different route of getting to the position of feeling ready and able to deal with those things.

If that was me, I'd struggle to invest another 2 or 3 years in someone who couldn't give me that reassurance they want the same things. That's two or three years deeper into something that could potentially be totally devastating if Jo decides he's done . I not sure I could hang around in that situation. It's a big choice to make, because it's not fair to ask either of them to change or go along with/give up either getting married or having kids.

Does she realize she can't drink or smoke while pregnant?:P

Hi Kail.

I think it is normal to want to know where a relationship is heading when you've already invested a year or two into it and it really hasn't progressed beyond that point. I think Vee just wants to know that 'someday' there will be marriage and kids, even if it isn't right away. Jo didn't seem like he could even offer that much reassurance so I'm not sure why Vee would stick around.

It's not that big a leap to hear, "I don't know if I want to settle down and have kids yet," to "I don't know if I want to settle down and have kids with YOU." That's not at all unreasonable of Vee, and if that's how she's feeling, she should move on and find someone who wants the same things she does. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact, it's normal! Also, from Vee's point of view, she could see that Jo already has a kid, he's already a dad. So, in Vee's mind, she may be thinking, "he already knows what it's like to have a kid, why doesn't he want one with ME? Is there something wrong with ME?" I think that's the reason behind her saying, "You act like I'm not worthy to be with," or whatever she said. I can totally see her point of view, and I feel for her.

My jaw was on the floor hearing Janet call herself Mama and then Jo slipped and called her mommy before quickly correcting himself with grammy or grandma. Isaac was SOOOOOO adorable this whole show! Bentley was too! Vee should tone it down around Isaac and with Jo he needs to stop explaining his code words after using them because Isaac can obviously understand! Poor Bentley, he said he didn't want to live with daddy. Of course he doesn't... Ryan is a walking Valium! But he is a really good dad to Bentley. You can tell Bentley looks up to Ryan because he becomes less goofy and hyper when he's interacting with his dad almost like he wants to be like his dad so his dad likes him.

"the key to my heart" Issac is the cutest thing...

Isaac has GOT to be the sweetest child I have ever seen. I love his little face, his sweet voice and the adorable things he says. I love that child.

I don't see how Issac is seriously Kailyn or Jo's son LOL. He is more mature than both of them lol.

I agree with Ryan actually, I think to him Ryan's parents' house is the only stability he's ever had. Maci moves around everywhere and she's constantly bringing guys in and out of Bentleys life and clearly Ryan is doing that too with girls. At the end of the day the only stable thing he's ever had is his mimi and grandpa. They are always there and there house has been his house since he was a baby. I think that's what the fit was about. I don't think its because he doesn't like Ryan or doesn't want to live with him. He just doesn't want to move from his grandparents. He's even closer to them then Maci's grandparents.

My daughter has a Mexican grandmother and she calls herself Mama. It annoys the hell out of me, but it's a cultural thing I guess.

Yeah I don't think they're trying to take that title away from kail. Now if they did it with Vee that would be a little different. But with his mom eh her name is grandma so it's not as big a deal.

Lol even though Issac calls Javi dad... that's totally fine according to Kail but if Issac called Vee mom she'd FLIPPPPPP. Fucking hypocrite she is. Glad we didn't see her much lol.

Omg I can't stand her ways of thinking!!!! She's a total hypocrite. It annoys the hell out of me.

Yeah each of the moms only made 1 appearance in the whole episode and Maci definitely got the most time. She even got featured by herself a little bit. I guess Ryan kinda got some of his own time during her special. Leah and Corey also kept everything professional between them. Normally they talk about all the drama going on in Leah's life but this time it was strictly a drop off and she asked him how the filming was going. It makes me think that MTV tells her to discuss her drama with Corey instead of her just bringing it up. I didn't think kail was bad at all in this episode. She was joking and laughing with Jo. They seemed to be doing really well on the coparenting stuff.

Yup Alex and Matt need to take note. Except Corey has a job and doesn't do drugs and Leah isn't psychotic (or nearly as much) as Alex. All the split up couples need to take note...

Um I didn't watch the episode but in my country it's totally normal to sometimes call your grandma "mama", I always do it :)

I call both my grandparents mom and dad, all my siblings do too. I didn't think it was something out of the ordinary lol

Exactly! Sometimes I'm talking to my friends and I say "yeah I have to go visit my mom" and they are likeeee isn't your mom with you? and I said nooo, my grandma I mean. It's totally fine :)

I will never claim to be any kind of cultural expert, and I don't want to say anything wrong here, but I've heard Latino/Hispanic people refer to females as "mama" when they aren't even mothers. Its like, not a title that has a whole lot of weight to it, it seems more casual. Like, I think I've heard females call other girlfriends "mama" or "mami" or males say "mami" or "mamacita," which might actually be a little more on the sexual side of things. Joe refers to Kail as "mommy" so maybe its more distinct from just "mama." I kind of think of it as something like "Nana."

Also, I wanted to note that Chelsea refers to her dad as "Papa" to Aubree. I think that's mainly because it's Chelsea's dad, but that's kind of what I thought of when Janet referred to herself as mama. Its just kind of acknowledging that they're a male/female authority or nurturing figure, another type of mother/father figure type deal.

I call my grandma Mama. But mommy? No. That's strange

Ok finally watched. Omg Ali is the cutest thing ever. Aleeah is going to be a handful lol. Bentley has to have been around so many damn boyfriends and girlfriends it's ridiculous. he probably just wants to live with his grandparents cause it's the only stable thing in his life lol. Maci looked nice I like her natural hair she should keep it like that. UGH Miranda should not worry so much. I mean I totally get it, but Miranda is gorgeous and seems like a great wife. Lol I know "boundaries" meant not texting so much. Miranda is very classy. Vee kinda got on my nerves. Quit talking about your relationshit problems in front of Jo's son....she is SO young why does she need to get married and have kids RIGHT now? WHy does she need to open the business in Florida? How the fuck do you expect to open your business if you have a baby to take care of? That drive sucks for everyone.... Omg the Janet thing made me so sad :( I wonder why they separated. I liked this special it was new and different! Also wondering if we're gonna see Gary and Adam although honestly I dislike them both so don't care that much lol.

Omg Corey and Jeff <3 two good looking men. I swear Ryan is on drugs.

Aleah is definitely going to be a handful! I agree with you! She already seems to have kind of a mean spirited, selfish and wild personality. Ali is freakin adorable but I don't really like Aleah anymore. She already seems so full of herself!

I don't think its fair to say that a 3 year old is full of herself. Its gotta be hard for her to live in Ali's shadow like that. Ali gets all the attention because of her health problems. I've noticed that with both Corey and Leah they always give Ali love and support and they give Aleah more of the tough love approach. I know Aleah misbehaves a little more but even when it's Ali that's bad they're a lot easier on her then they are on Aleah. I bet the girl notices that. She probably feels like her parents like Ali more then her. Plus shes too young to understand that Ali getting a wheelchair isn't a good thing. She probably thinks its really cool and Ali is so lucky to get to ride around on one and it's not fair that she doesn't get one. I think the way she's acting out is a cry for attention. She might even be trying to get attention from the cameras. The only time they focus on her is when she acts out. She probably figured that out so now whenever she thinks Ali is getting more attention from the cameras then her she starts a tantrum to get them to turn to her instead.

^ 100% agree with your whole statement!

Thanks! I just hate when people say bad things about the kids. Say what you want about the moms but the kids are still sweet and innocent and they didn't ask for their lives to be broadcast to the world like this.

I know! And it seems like people are the meanest to Aleeah. Out of all the kids from the show, she gets most of the inappropriate comments. She's a child for Pete sake! It is very common for a twin to act out, never mind a twin who's other twin has special needs. It doesn't mean she is going to grow up and be a complete asshole. The kids are innocent and should be left out of the mean spirited comments!

The only bad thing I said about Aleeah was her wardrobe and that's just her moms fault for dressing her kid like that. But yea it is TOUGH having a sibling with a disorder, you just don't understand at that age why they go to the doctor a lot and why they might need more attention. I'm positive when she gets older she'll understand and be a super overprotective sister like I am!

I love how I got down voted for sticking up for an innocent kid LOL!!

Not from me! Totally agree with you. I love Aleeah's feisty attitude!

Aw I agree with the others. I still like Aleeah, her and Ali's situation reminds me a lot of me and my sister (me being Aleeah my sister being Ali), so I just know from experience she's crying out for attention. I don't think she's a bad kid at all or full of herself lol. Omg though, if I had pushed my sister down like Aleeah did to Ali I would have got my ass whooped lol especially since my sis needed special attention. It sucks cause of course if my sister pushed me it's no big deal. Kids just don't get it at that age...I hope they show Aleeah a little more attention or she just grows up to understand her sister needs more attention. It's a tough situation so the behavior problems I understand, she's still SUPER young.

What's funny too is Aleeah looked a lot like me growing up and my sister looks SO much like Ali! We weren't twins but only 15 months apart. It's really strange to watch sometimes lol.

I don't think Vee would come off as needy about marriage and kids if Jo had given her reassurance that the idea of a future with those things in wasn't repulsive to him. I think she just needs to know it's going somewhere even if not right now, that it will eventually

Vee really needs to stop. I actually understood where Jo was coming from being annoyed about the whole proposal. Calm down girl, just cause Kail was able to trick Javi into marriage, doesn't mean you can trap Jo.I have a feeling she wants to be like Kail...

Ryan is always in love. I think they broke up already....
Corey, I'm so happy for him! He relly found a winner with Miranda!

It seems like Joe might be about ready to break up with Vee. I wouldn't blame him, just because he has a kid doesn't mean he needs to settle down.
Did Shelby and Ryan break up? He does need to chill out with the falling in love all the time. It gets old.
I really like Miranda she seems really genuine.

I felt the same thing, Trash - I can't see Jo and Vee lasting because they want different things. Vee wants to move to Florida, and Jo can't because of Isaac. Vee wants to get married and have a baby, and Jo's not ready. It said a lot when Jo said, "I'm holding you back." It's true! It'll only be a matter of time before Vee realizes this and decides to move on and find someone who wants the same things in life as she does.

I just feel like if she's bringing it up and crying over it then it really is something that she wants now or at least in the near future. I want to have kids and get married someday but I figure I have a few years before I'm ready for that. I'm not going to sit here and harass my boyfriend about it saying you need to decide right this second if you want to have kids and get married. I'm gonna enjoy the time we have together and in another few years when I'm ready to start thinking about marriage if he's still not ready then we'll have to end the relationship. I don't see that as a waist of time either. I see it as experience. I'll know more what I want from a relationship and what I don't want. Every relationship you have is more experience you'll have for your marriage. That's how I see it at least. I can understand her asking if it's something he's interested in. But when he didn't answer her the way she wanted (and please note he didn't say no he said maybe) she freaked out and started crying and saying he made her feel like she wasn't worth being with. All because he said he didn't know if marriage was something for him. Too me it just seemed like she wanted it right away. Otherwise if she really did want to wait a few years an I might want to get married down the road would be good enough for right now. Plus didn't Jo's parents just get a divorce. I bet that makes him think harder about marriage as well.

I didn't know Ryan was friends with Flavor Flav.

OMG Kimmer..that comment was priceless! Love it! That dude was SO random!

It totally gets on my nerves how the producers just throw in random "friends" with each dad (AND mom on TM) to ask dumb questions. Why don't they just ask them themselves? They didn't seem to have any problem asking Miranda stuff when she wasn't specific enough, or getting involved in Jo and Vee's argument in the restaurant.

Really. We all know that Kailyn doesn't have any friends.

Sure she does! That chick named Peach! LMAO! WTF kind of name is that? I personally don't think that's her real name, and I think MTV pays her to act like her friend! LOL!!

Those are my favourite bits of the show! The awkward shoehorned "so and so has my child so I could get my nails done with my friend so and so" brilliant .

You can't write that level of awkward

I NEVER saw her before like in TM LOL yet she's her closest friend wtf. She's definitely paid...


The way Vee talks .......

She has become so weird looking...

It's just that she didn't have any makeup on. She looks MUCH better with eye makeup.

That and her roots. And her face. And the fact she was blubbering over nothing. I'm really glad she's not on the show more lol she was kinda annoying. Again, hated how she did that shit in front of Issac.

Thumb me down all you want Vee :D you are aging poorly

From what I gather it's all the smoking and drinking... Possibly bad luck in the gene department.

Yea that's what I'm thinking...she was really pretty I don't know wtf happened. She has a cute little body though she should enjoy it before gaining the weight of having kids!

Ryan;; maybe I'm wrong but I saw a lacking bond between Bentley and Ryan. He doesn't seem too interested in Bentley, like he's just so unenthusiastic. :X
unrelated: when Bentley got in the car with Maci, she was like "I missed you" and he was like, "I missed you more", that was just too adorable. (:

Corey;; <333333 you can tell he doesn't really love the camera bull crap either. Producers all in his face & shit. I'd pass.

Jo;; I guess I understand that the way Jo words things is sometimes offensive. He is a very blunt dude, but whatever. He's a rapper, y'all.

I love Jo's honesty haha even if it comes off harsh

Oh and I totally agree about Ryan and Bentley. He's just like okayyyyyy Bentley wtvr.... ugh. Not much enthusiasm really. Not saying he's a bad dad but gosh drink a red bull or something. The guy always seems like he has no energy...

He shouldn't, but Jo cracks me up. My favorite one from him was "Beautiful day today."(Kailyn agreed) "You don't deserve to be in it. You should be in a cave somewhere."
As for Corey, I seem to remember a former camera man doing a Q&A deal a couple of years ago(from what I remember, it was verified that he was the real deal, he had to take everything down because MTV made him I think) where he said Corey was the nicest and most down to earth guy, and that he should have never agreed to do the show.

omg same lol that was just creative bahahaha. Awww Corey...

I haven't watched this yet but I'm surprised Gary wasn't on it, being the only dad with primary custody. Not that I want to see Jabba and his recliner on my screen but I wouldn't mind seeing how sweet Leah is doing. I'm glad Adumb wasn't featured. Maybe we'll be able to see him cat calling teenage boys on Beyond Scared Straight.

Yea when I think about it I really don't care to see Adam or Gary themselves, just the kids haha.

Eh let's be real here, we wouldn't get to see a lot of Aubree in Adam's episode. We would get to see more of Paislee though which I think would be really cool.

Also kind of sad...

OMG did anyone notice Ryan's grey hair when he's sitting by the firepit with his parents???

Lol we wrote this at the same time but you were a little a head of me. If I would of seen this I would of just replied to your comment. But yes he's definitely going gray.

Well it just shows more than one person noticed LOL!

Yes, I noticed it too. Ryan looks old beyond his years.

Love Isacc he's soooo cute and says the cutest things. I loved it when Vee gave him the bubble
Machine and said "I love it!" And hugged the package.

Oh and the main reason for commenting is.. Am I the only one or did anyone else notice that Ryan
has a good bit of gray hair? I didn't even notice it at first, my fiancé asked me if it was gray and after further inspection I definitely saw it when he was outside in the driveway when Maci came and picked Bentley up.

Issac is the most adorable thing ever, that was one of my favorite parts of the episode<3

Ugh I forgot to record this episode so I'll have to hope it appears online:( but from the recap Miranda is officially my favorite step parent! It takes a lot of self control to realize your place in their life and to not overstep your boundaries. I agree I'd like to see more from the dads' perspectives.

I'm sure I'll get thumbed down for saying it, but I have to be dead honest lol. I think Corey still loves Leah lol. I mean, it's so obvious. That doesn't mean I dislike Miranda, and in fact I think she's an upgrade but I still think he loves her, and Leah probably still loves Corey. I think they jumped into a divorce too fast and into 2nd marriages too fast.

I see it too. It seems obvious to me that they're still in love with each other. I hope Corey gets over it cuz Miranda is a HUUUUUGE upgrade from Leah, and he seems like a great guy. Leah on the other hand will probably marry and divorce a few more times and have a few more trap babies.

Absolutely, she's going to be one of those people who are married like 5 times lol

I think once Corey and Miranda have a baby he'll really take the final step in moving past Leah. Right now it's obvious to me that those girls are the number one thing in his life, and Leah is half of those girls. But once he has another child, and sees Miranda as a mother to his child, not just a step mother, he will see what an upgrade she is and feel fully committed to her and her only. Because they've done it the right way. They've been married for almost a year and when they have a child it seems like it will definitely be on purpose so they'll be able to enjoy every aspect of it from the moment it happens, from Miranda getting the first positive sign on a pregnancy test to them setting up a nursery and telling the twins, all of it will be exciting. There won't be tension surrounding any of it and Corey seems like somebody who will enjoy that.

Do you think he loves her or do you think he loves her because regardless of it all she's still the mother of those twins and that's something they will always have?

Interesting comment though

Hmmm I think it's more than just the mother of his kids. He seemed depressed that he's not with her, I really think he wishes he hadn't divorced her. I do think he loves Miranda though but still always will want to be with Leah (for what reason besides the kids I don't know lol).

Hopefully I can get to actually see some of this to know what you mean lol

Hmmm maybe I'm sensing it wrong not sure I just got that vibe!

I get that vibe when they drop the girls off. They way they talk to eachother is a bit awkward but i feel like its in a 'I want to tell you i miss you' kind of way, I hope that makes sense lol. Its just what i sense when they are in scenes together.

Totally makes sense! Wonder if it's an ex thing or a love thing but I really think it's alove thing hah

When Jeff was talking to Corey about how it's weird having to just drop kids off with someone you used to love etc. etc. Corey, to me, looked like he was about to cry. I've always felt that Corey still loves Leah...The way he looked at Leah was (and still is which is why he tries not to look at her I think) much more happy and passionate than how he looks at Miranda. (Not to say that I don't like Miranda, just what I observe) Corey always looks sad to me when he looks at Miranda and he looked WAY happier at his wedding to Leah in my opinion. I don't think Leah is better for him or anything it just seems to me that Miranda is more of a consolation prize. (Poor seemed to me that she knows it but loves him too much to say anything)

GOD you guys! You are going to make me cry! I didn't want to think that's what it was but since you are noticing it too it must be! Leah's a dirty bitch, and I would hope Corey doesn't still have those feelings, but sadly, I think he does too. And poor Miranda is a zillion times better, but she just isn't Leah. I hope Corey snaps out of it soon. Maybe when he sees that his ex wife is morphing into a Kate Gosselin wannabe he'll come to his senses. Its funny. Kate used to have this hair style that Leah has, and now Kate has the kind Leah used to. Oh, the irony.

I think I still knew Leah was in love with Corey was when Jeremy made the "thank god" remark about Corey being engaged. It was like he was petrified she was going to leave, so as much as everyone thinks addy is Leah's trap baby she may be Jeremy's as well

Oh totally! How STUPID of Jeremy! If you're saying Thank God about that then your relationshit is not very secure... although I think with Addy Jeremy did NOT know what he was getting himself into lmao he looks worn out, but seems like a great dad.

Corey definitely knows what he has in Miranda, and--just from what I have seen--the love they have is the kind that makes for a long marriage. That mature kind of love is usually grounded in friendship and respect instead of the passion and drama that characterized his relationship with Leah. Unfortunately, the excitement and emotional highs and lows from latter kind of love makes it incredibly difficult to turn away from.

Although the odds were against Corey and Leah lasting, I wish they had stayed together a bit longer and exhausted every last option before divorcing. I think Corey would have been able to make a cleaner emotional break if the decision to divorce was made after the emotions surrounding Robbie, the truck, etc. had cooled down.

Sounds like Bentley is feeling a bit up in the air with his whole world changing bless him - poor kid needs some stability. Maci moved around a lot and his dad's house with his grandparents was very stable ground for him, I get why the poor kid would be upset and unsettled.

I feel for Jo and Vee. I totally understand his "whoa I'm only 22 I have one child and I'd like to get myself sorted out please" it makes a lot of sense to me. I also totally understand Vee's need for reassurance that the concept of a future and children isn't completely off the table where Jo is concerned. That's a tough situation for both of them.

Miranda seems sweet, and bless Corey. He's just so lovely and Leah really ran him through the mill, he's been through so much but his dedication to those girls is amazing.

I'm only commenting based on what Megan has written as this special hasn't aired here in the UK yet

The new season with the original teen mom girls hasn't been confirmed, right? Because the lack of Tyler and Gary (not complaining) totally makes me question if a new season of teen mom really is in the works.
You'd think that if the girls were coming back, MTV would ask two of the guys who would be staring in it to appear in the special to drum up some interest.

I actually don't see a reason to have Tyler on a dad special. I can't imagine what they would show - him looking at some photos of Carly, I guess! But they definitely should have shown Adumb and especially Gary. I wonder why they weren't shown. Anyone know if they're planning on having another Dad show featuring those two?

Oh..AND yelling at his dogs. I guess he's a dad to them? The only thing I can figure as to why they didn't show Adumb or Gary is that maybe they think that we pretty much already know what they've been up to. Especially Adumb..almost killing old people and himself and blowing up cars. Gary would have just come across as even more desperate for attention (as if that were possible!)

I agree with you on the Tyler thing. I stopped seing the need for him and Cate as soon as the very first season of teen mom ended (and even then, I mostly skipped their scenes. I've never been a fan of theirs). But since MTV is rumored to bring back the teen mom crew (Cate and Tyler included for some reason), if true, I don't understand why Tyler and Gary weren't apart of the being dad special.

Yeah..I also think it pretty convenient that Catelyn get pregnant (supposedly) just in time for more TM with the original cast. Maybe its just me though..

No, it's not just you, Binkie!

Its totally not just you. How sick to get pregnant for the sake of being on a show...

I was wondering the same thing. I wonder if they didn't think the other 3 would get enough of a response. I mean the 3 dads they chose are the best dads on the show. Adam has a long way to go, Tyler isn't really a dad, and Gary really needs to stop torturing Leah's mom before she looses her for good. I would like to see a Being Dad special on Adam and Gary though. Gary mostly because I want to see more of Leah. Adam because I want to see how he's doing actually parenting Paislee. The same reason we want to see more of Jenelle with Kaiser I guess lol.

OK..Ryan seems like he has good intentions and all, but damn! He comes across like a stoned slug. He is always just so ho-hum about shit. I think he DEFINATELY needs to get out on his own, whether its with Shelby or alone, but see, this is the thing about living with your parents until you are 25 years old with a kid. The kid gets used to having his family together and then gets all confused and sad when you do decide to move. Bentley has dealt with a lot of moving and boyfriend/friendship changes/living situations with Maci already so he probably feels pretty stable with his Mimi and Ryans dad. Ryans dad was right though, what happens when it falls apart? Its not like Ryans dating past is super stable. Glad to see someone was thinking shit through, even though it should have been Ryan.

I just gotta say, I LOVE ISAAC! We can say what we want about Kailyn and Jo, but obviously they are doing something right with Isaac because that is the sweetest child I have ever seen. I don't blame Jo for wanting to take things slow with Vee. They are both really young and shouldn't be rushing into marriage/kids. I think if he could just decide whether or not that is going to be something he wants later down the road or not and let her know, they'd be better off. Vee needs to chill on pressuring him and just enjoy the life they have. Other than the main issue of marriage/kids, they seem to get along really well. I feel bad for Jo's mom, I always liked her! Its sad that her and Jo's dad split. Can I just say again that I FREAKING LOOOOVE ISSAC!!!

Corey's dad is hot as hell. I always thought it, but really noticed it last night. Wow!
Anyway, I think Corey is the epitome of a great dad. I love how he is with the girls and Ali was super cute running through the house with her binder on saying "I'm the fastest..Gracie cant beat me cause she doesn't have a binder. I am the muscle dystrophy!"..SO CUTE. Miranda is a great woman. Its so nice to see how she loves Corey. God knows he deserves it! She handles being a step mom better than I could at that age, for sure. I loved how she shot down the producer when she and her friend were at lunch. That was priceless.

All in all, this wasn't a bad catch up episode. I am glad we didn't have to see the moms much. I would like another episode with Gary and Adumb and whoever else though. Maybe they figured that we all already knew what they were up to though. Who knows.

Oh! I forgot one thing..about Jo and Vee. They MOST DEFINATELY need to stop talking about the issues and arguing in front of Isaac. That needs to be done in private or when Isaac isn't there. That's all. :) more thing..when Ryan was playing ball with Bentley in the yard and his dad was there talking about why it was a bad idea to move in with Shelby, I cracked up because Bentley was like "uh huh", "yeah", "I know" everything his dad said agreeing with him! So cute..AND funny!

Ryan HAS to be on something. LOL yes I loved Bentley's comments he's too funny. Maci does seem like a great mom but she needs to quit the partying and learn how to pay her taxes lmao. I think years of partying has aged Ryan....not sure what his problem is.

Ryan looks stoned all the time. I've often wondered if he's on something too.

This whole thing makes me think of when they were looking at the house and Bentley was like are you still going to be able to take me to practice? and Ryan had a very monotone voice when he was like yeah buddy. I was like wow that sounded really uninterested. I think that's just his personality though. I don't think he's capable of showing more affection then he does. That's probably a big reason why him and Maci will never work out. She needs guys who are really affectionate and give her lots of public attention.

Omg yea....he's like yeah buddy zzzzzzzzzzz

Vee said on Instagram she didn't want to get married of have kids right away she just wanted to know where Jo stood on the issue. And I completely get what she is saying because him saying he doesn't ever want to get married and have kids is alot different from not right now. Shhe maybe young but I can imagine most girls don't want to waste their time with a guy they have no future with.

I call bullshit lol (that she doesn't want to be married and have kids) cause the way Jo said "it wouldn't be special to propose right now since she's always asking me to do it." Total bullshit I see right through her lol. I think she's jealous of what Kail has (which is stupid). She should just avoid being free of those ties while she's young!

I was actually engaged at 21 ( the proposal was a shock and we had been together a few years but hadn't discussed marriage very much) and even though my feelings were strong at the time we broke off the engagement about a year and a half later and I'm still happy we did because we just would have ended up getting divorced.. I think she needs to relax and realize she's still soo young,and if its such a priority to get married this young maybe she needs to just leave him instead of tryingto force something he doesn't want.
I didn't even watch this special but just from reading the comments here its seems,like she was really putting the pressure on.

That was smart of you to do that! This is why I call bullshit on Vee, lol because if Jo proposed right now her whole "ohhh i dont even want to get married soon" would be right out the window, and that broad would be planning a wedding ASAP.

Lol yeah I second bullshit on that one...

Vee is mad at us bahahaha

Wasn't Jo also reluctant to move in with Vee? I feel like Jo is with Vee as a 'for now' gf, and not a possible future wife.

Yea he was...hmmm that could be highly possible. Sucks for her...she's young though

Hahah I know right? If what she said is true, then Jo has already said to her that he would consider it in the future. Case closed.

I'm sure there is nothing less attractive than a needy girlfriend, pipe down about marriage and babies, or go find someone who actually wants those things with you at this present moment in time, damn.

I knew everything I needed to know about Vee's intentions when she said something about Isaac had proposed before Jo did (with that Ringpop), and Jo says, "I'm only 22!" and she responds, "Well when the time comes, I want a big ring." She doesn't seem to get what marriage is, TBH.

Dude, How cute and precious is Issac? I dislike Kail and am more Team Jo but Issac is just so precious- saying "Protect her" when Vee was crying. he melts my heart! And talking about the key to his heart and his grandma and grandpa... Its so sad sometimes how kids are so aware. He is just a little bleeding heart. Miranda is Amazing! Seriously! I really like her. Such a fresh breath of air- no drama- doesn't like the cameras. Wouldn't talk crap about Leah. She is just a class act! And man, Bentley... that kid is NOT having his dad move out of Mimi's! He was so funny with Ryan's dad talking about how it was a bad idea for them to move in with each other. Ah- good episode I thought

My thoughts...

I have no freaking idea how any 25 year old could live with their parents. I have been on my own since 17. Maybe if you are full time in college, but I worked full time through college to still managed to keep a high GPA... I just don't get it. Grow up.

It's obvious Vee has really pushed the marriage thing. If he doesn't want it, he doesn't. Why would you want to marry him anyways? He seems like such a douche. His highest dream in the world is to open a food truck... um, pass. Anyways, young marriage does not work for everyone of course. I started dating my husband at 18, moved in together at 19, and got married at 21. Here we are 3 years later - finished college, bought a house, have great jobs and the happiest marriage anyone could hope for, and expecting our first child. Most people are not ready for that at 21, but we were so I don't look down on people considering marriage young.

I think Vees biggest issue is that Joe is more committed to Kail in a way. I mean, he has a kid with her. Vee desperately wants validation of their relationship and to feel more important than his past. I could never do the step-parent thing, it is just way too complicated when compared to a single family dynamic.

Corey will always have a thing for Leah. Both of them feel they didn't give their marriage a good shot and now their kids will suffer. Too little too late now. Miranda is 100 times better than Leah could ever be - she seems smart, sweet, and obviously better looking. But Leah made him a father and was his first love. You can't change that. My guess is Leah will end up married to several other men with many other kids throughout her life, while Corey and Miranda will be together forever and have two kids of their own. Too bad he didn't meet her 5 years ago!

I think it's possible that a few years down the road, Corey will realize that Leah is not worth it and get over her. Maybe after a few more failed marriages on her part. She's no prize, Corey was always too good for her. He needs to realize that he deserves better.

Completely agree about Ryan living with his parents. I just graduated college a few weeks ago and won't be going back to live with my parents (I was and still will be over 500 miles away). My parents are wonderful, but it's much better for us to be living separately. I'll be getting my PhD so I will have my own income so it makes sense. The really nice thing about PhD programs is that they pay your tuition and give you a nice stipend so it's basically like having a job where you teach and do research. At Georgia Tech if you have really high grades and live in state you can get free tuition, so one of my friends doing a PhD at my undergrad university has gone through her higher education with no debt!

I also don't get the whole falling in love thing with Ryan. How can he be sure he is in love if he has said the same about like five other failed relationships before this one? Most of those relationships became on and off within a year if they lasted longer than that.

The issues with Aleeah really show just how selfish it was for Leah to have another child so soon. If she hadn't been so desperate to trap Jeremy, she could have been more fair to the kids she already had!

It's great that Kail seems to be finally growing up and treating Jo with respect. Maybe it's because she feels happier and more confident now.

I agree 100%. When I think of Leah having another kid after the twins, it makes sad. I mean, don't get me wrong Addy is cute and all, and I am sure she is loved, but I am guessing that Leah just associates steady relationships/marriage with kids ASAP. She REALLY should have waited with everything going on with Ali and Aleeah obviously needing more attention. That issue only got worse adding another kid into the mix. That's less attention right off the bat. Especially with Jeremy working out of town. Maybe she just a forever emotional attachment to these guys. Oh boy, look out. If that's the case she'll probably spit about 2 or 3 more out with different guys, cause the she acts with Jeremy, I don't see them working out forever.

I think Jeremy legitimately wanted Addy, but when leah says shit like "Addy made our family feel more complete" that is just telling me she had that lil girl to tie Jeremy down to her and make sure he doesn't leave if she decides to be a whore again, lol.

I always see comments on how Leah and Kail had trap babies. But what about the dads in all of that? Aren't they just as responsable for the pregnancies/new babies as the moms?
It takes two to make a baby, not one. I doubt Javi and Jeremy were complaining when Lincoln and Addi were being made.

That's definitely true. The way I see it though is that while Javi and Jeremy definitely wanted to have kids at some point, the idea of having them so early in their relationships was planted in their minds by Kail and Leah. They both seem to be easily manipulated which is probably why Kail and Leah were both successful.

Yes. That's what bugs me about the "trap baby" comments. Honestly, if the dudes had sex with them, they knew they might end up with a baby,

It's so common that all the responsibility for pregnancies ends up on the girls, as if the men are just helpless dolts who had no idea or were SO easily manipulated they were basically forced. I don't think even Javi and Jeremy are that stupid. Hell, after Leah's miscarriage, Jeremy said he wanted them to get pregnant again.

I agree. I was just saying my view of Leah. I agree with you that its the guys too. I don't know if they get caught up with the MTV thing, or what it is. I just feel like in both of these cases, it would have been better to wait. Its not like the guys were going to leave them (and vice versa) if they didn't get pregnant right then. I just think the timing could have been better, and such a big decision should have been thought out more on both sides.

Of course they are responsible but I'm sorry, Caitlyn is pregnant to keep Tyler around, and gave up Carly to keep Tyler around. Kailyn I think was a legit uh oh, I think Lincoln is kind of a trap baby with Javi lol. But yea of course it takes two, both idiots weren't taking proper precautions, although you have some bitches who poke holes in the condoms. I mean REALLY though do you ever hear of a man purposely getting a girl pregnant to keep her around? Hell no...that's a girl thing to do to get a ring on their finger. Argue all you want it's just the truth lol.

Tyler is also having another baby to mask the fact he likes dick

Yeah it happens. There are dudes who poke holes and dudes who switch birth control pills with sugar pills and stuff. Honestly, I never actually hear about men or women doing it, but there are plenty of stories about both genders doing it out there.

And sometimes, people probably assume there was a hole poked in a condom when it really just broke. Once it's broken, you can't really tell. So I'd bet a lot of people are accused of holes in the condom when they never did anything.

That's true...for me I hear of girls doing it more I don't know. A lot of times on this show it just seems like a way to keep the men around OR to keep the women around but either way it's disgusting! And in Tyler and Caitlyns case I think it's a way to stay on the show! If I ever have kids it will be out of LOVE lol...but call me crazy ;)

@ Tyler's trap baby. My manfriend was the one who brought up having a baby and pushed it. (Obviously I wanted baby too but it was definitely his idea) and it was kinda for him to trap baby me. He wanted baby for other reasons too but he definitely had the thought that if I have his baby I'm not going anywhere lol. Men totally trap baby too.

I really hope so! He does deserve better!

I don't think there's anything wrong with him living with his parents. I don't think it's very fair of you to say if you still live with your parents then you need to grow up. In my culture kids typically live with their parents until they're married. It's not they're not grown up thing, it's a there's no need to waist your money on rent when you can live at home and it's not costing your parents anything thing. I still pay all my bills and buy things from myself. What are my parents going to do with my room if I leave? They can make it a guest room and they'll never use it. If I were to leave the wouldn't be saving any money so if I could live at home and save myself the money for rent then why not. It's helpful to them because they have an extra adult in the house who can help out by staying at the house if the cable guy is coming or help take my sister to or from school or something like that. As long as Ryan is making his own money and paying his own bills then good for him for saving his money instead of putting it towards rent. That's more money he could put towards Bentley.
I do agree with you about Vee though. She totally feels like he's more committed to Kail then her. She brings her up a lot which is weird because there's really no need for her to know anything about Kail's life at all.
I think that in time Corey will realize that Miranda's the best thing that ever happened to him and he's doing so much better without Leah. I do think he's still in love with her right now though. I think Miranda knows that too. That's why she was talking about boundaries and then got mad at the producer for asking her to explain.

Agree with you 100%! People are way too judgmental and act like who you live with defines you. I have a lot more respect for someone living with their parents, paying bills or saving up money to move when they're ready (because I'm sure plenty of people think they have enough money when they don't) and realizing when they need that roof over their head, than someone who moves out yet still expects their parents to pay for stuff. It's the sad thing about the culture we live in. I've heard of a lot of other cultures where living with family is totally normal but we just put people down and make them feel ashamed and why? It's nobody's business to judge someone for that. End rant LOL! Anyway just saying I'm with you on this one.

In some European countries people live with their family until their late twenties as a norm. In today's world it actually makes a lot of financial sense if you are lucky enough to have parents who are willing to let you stay and save for a few years. I will never judge someone for recognizing that they are not financially or emotionally stable enough to live on their own as long as they are working to get to that level!

I missed it last night, and I dont see it on the MTV.CA site yet..unless I am missing something and looking in the wrong area.

Yes I also agree Vee and Jo need to stop talking about that crap in front of Issac. He's so aware. Very smart and just a little love. Ali was also super cute in this one and I love that she doesn't let her disability affect her fun :)
And yes, Ryan... He needs a little more enthusiasm for life in general, let alone his son. Doesn't seem like a fun guy...

Omg Ali's little head bopping when she was giving her sister attitude LOL so funny. Well she don't have this on!!! Aw I love her!!!!!!!!!! <3

I missed the show because of work so this is off topic, but do anyone know if Javi is still in the Air Force? Him and Kail keep flying everywhere for book signings. Seems he has way too much free time while being in the military.. But I don't know how the military works so can someone answer.

He has a new job, it's called being Kails little bitch. Lol in all honesty not sure. After the Miley Cyrus thing I quit reading stories about them, they honestly disgust me.

My theory is that he's only reserves so he's not actually active duty. I have a friend in the reserves and she only has to go 1 weekend of the month and then for 2 weeks out of the year. If the country ever had a war and they started drafting people she'd have to go. Otherwise she's mostly in it for the benefits just like Kail. Lol

That's what I'm thinking too. Lol yea all about the romantic...

So they afford to eat and buy a house, how then?? I imagine the reserves wod be paid fairly lowly?

That would be MTV hon lol. They still make a nifty little paycheck from the show. That's why kail so desperately stays friends with Jenelle to keep her on the show so the ratings stay up and the show can keep going.

Where can I watch online? It's not up on or

I forgot how hot ryan was back in the 16 and pregnant and early teen mom days. He's definitely lost his charm. Who was the brown haired girl they showed as one of Ryan's past girlfriends (not dalis)? Was it the hooters calendar girl?

He had some other one yea...I can't keep up. I thought she seemed super sweet I forget her name though. Remember when Bentley hit his head and she was there? ANd Maci wanted to be introduced to her? UGH they both bring gf's and bf's around their kids WAY too soon!

Is it just me...or was Ryan high as hell and practically nodding off!?!?

I know it's not right to make unfounded accusations about people; however, I'm about 99.9% sure Ryan is on pills. He has all the classic sign of a pill addict. I live in a pill infested area and it can be a very discrete and easily hid addiction. Most of the people I know that are on pills come from decent backgrounds and even have professional careers. It's extremely difficult to tell a pill addict most of the time. Unlike heroin and other drugs, pill addiction is very easily hid and easily maintained.
I'm not sure if anyone watches Drugs Inc. or any other informative drug show, but in the area of Tennessee where Ryan lives, it's extremely easy to obtain pills directly off the street or in a doctor's office because of the "pill mill" issues.

I 100% agree! I definitely wouldn't have said it if I wasn't almost positive.

I am on Zoloft and occasional xanax for depression/anxiety, they can make you tired, sweat, etc and I have NEVER been that tired in my life unless I was hungover lol! When I was on Celexa for anxiety I was a lot like that though....very much a zombie. He is seriously on something like that...but REALLY strong or a REALLY high dosage of it my God...

I don't like calling people out on that either but I just recognize those symptoms so easily with my experience being on it. I never abused them or had a problem with drugs but I know if I took a ton of them that's how they would make you. He has a problem, I doubt Dr. Drew will ever mention it (not even sure if there would be a reunion with him) but good Lord i feel like someone needs to call him out or why the FUCK he's so tired...

Trap Baby..we don't even want to get into my list of meds. Not to mention ALL the meds my psych has tried in the past 10 yrs or so on me. I feel like a guinea pig! LOL! I know what you mean though, I don't like calling anyone out either, but I think when you are actually on meds yourself you know the signs. I don't really see Ryan on stuff like you and I have taken, but I do see him on something like painkillers. My ex was prescribed them for back problems and if taken like they are supposed to be are fine and you cant really tell. When you over do to get the high feeling, that's when you become zombie like and look tired and nod off and shit. Whatever Ryans deal is, I hope he straightens up soon.

Oh me too girl. YES omg it seems a lot stronger than any anti-anxiety meds or ANYTHING perscribed unless he recently had surgery and is on a ton of pain killers which I doubt (the part where he had surgery). I could totally see him getting pain killers though they are very addictive! Omg though I swear he's been tired for like 5 years. Ugh have you ever tried Zoloft? It's helped me A LOT but lately my depression anxiety has been coming back it's horrible...

Finally watched this.
Corey looked like he wanted to jump out of his skin when his dad was talking to him in the garage, awkward...
Ryan is definitely on something. I noticed at the trampoline place, he kept snorting/rubbing his nose, and he was all jumpy and fidgety, then the other times, when he is coming down? he is totally uninterested in his surroundings.
Isaac was adorable, as usual:)

I just watched the special and to be honest, found it a little boring. I think I only like watching te girls more because I like seeing what they do with their hair or what tier wearing and also I like seeing the kids, so adorable. I can say that the special made me not want anything to do with having children or getting married for a long while. I really don't know what Vee is seeing to be envious about Kailyn's life because seeing her preggers scared the life out of me.