Jeremy Calvert's Latest Social Media Rant Earns Him Crown for Most Dramatic Dad

Jeremy Calvert has won the top honor of being the most dramatic Teen Mom father--- in my book, at least. (Yes, Adam is a very, very close second).

After being unhappy with what some other gossip sites were reporting about his relationship with Brooke, Calvert took used his favorite social media platform to give his expletive-ridden opinion.

Calvert has had issues with media in the past, deleting his Twitter account after being fed up. (It's important to note, however, that he wasn't fed up to stop posting to Instagram regularly or at least make the page private.)

In the latest rant, Calvert makes several claims. Here's a summary:

-Like Jenelle, he claims that Teen Mom has ruined his life, even saying he wishes he never went on it

-MTV doesn't pay Teen Mom dads enough to live off of without a regular job, which is why he maintains a different job

-Brooke is far from insecure when it comes to Jeremy's Teen Mom ex, Leah Messer

-He plans on marrying Brooke one day, partly because she works "hard af"

-He thinks sharing passwords to all accounts between partners is the way relationships should work

His anger is best described by the amount of expletives he uses. In the short rant he uses the F-word seven times, with several other gems appearing as well.

He ends his rant with a complaint that his ex Leah has also had in the past: that too many of his readers are being grammar police. Except he refers to them as "grammer Nazis. Reading is hard.

Here's the whole rant:

Fuckkkkk you teen mom blast drop down and blow me @bwehr10

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Who cares ????

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