Chelsea Houska's Ambition Lands Her In Hot Water?

chelsea houska

Chelsea Houska and Farrah Abraham (naturally) are just two of the teen moms who have reportedly landed in some trouble with the FTC. Why you ask? Of course, it's all of those sponsored posts on social media.

It seems these teen moms have been bilking their fans by not making it clear when they're promoting products.

Duh! Everyone knows you're supposed to make it clear when a post is sponsored. However, it appears Chelsea and Farrah have been having trouble understanding this concept, according to Inquistr.

Even more interesting here is that Chelsea Houska reportedly received 21 letters from the Federal Trade Comission on the matter, but still didn't change up her posts.

Hmm - did she consult with an extremely incompetent lawyer or did she just think the FTC didn't really mean it when they sent her all those warnings?

It's clear the teen moms are all trying to capitalize on their newfound fame in order to make some money while they can. Interestingly, they all seem to be approached by the same brands.

It seems it was only yesterday that Chelsea and Jenelle were getting into a feud over the fact that Chelsea released her own website.

At the time, Jenelle accused Chelsea of trying to approach her manager about endorsing the same makeup brand.

Oh boy. Apparently, these teen moms didn't know that only a billion people have websites.

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