Catelynn's Shocking Miscarriage Rocks Teen Mom OG

It must be because it's called "Teen Mom" but it seems that nowadays, just about every teen mom is in some stage of pregnancy. Whether it's finding out you're pregnant (Amber), talking about getting pregnant again (Catelynn) or discussing the trauma of losing a pregnancy (Maci), it's pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy. We're not sure if it's the teen mom themselves or MTV who are pushing this perpetual storyline, although it makes complete sense to us that the teen moms wouldn't be able to push the boundaries of creativity with ideas of how to add drama.

Their worlds, are, after all baby daddies and babies. It's not The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, y'all. In any case, this week, rounding out the list of miscarriages was Catelynn.

According to the Ashley, Catelynn reportedly had her miscarriage before she went to rehab. She did surprise Tyler with the news, but sadly, lost the baby and then wound up going to rehab.

Now, Catelynn has seemed quite a bit more stable in recent seasons of Teen Mom, although we can imagine why the trauma of this loss would have been enough to send her rehab. Of course, we could wind up finding out that there's a lot more to the story. After all, MTV wound up filming Catelynn going to treatment. Makes sense to us.

There's nothing like a psychiatric ward to add the right amount of drama to a show where nobody is a teenager anymore, which takes some of the cache out of the whole show. We're a little confused about what kind of treatment Catelynn will actually be undergoing, however.

Don't psychiatric hospitals usually kick you out in a few days, as opposed to remaining for the entirety of 6 weeks.

Our hypothesis is that Catelynn may not actually intend to get pregnant again at all.

Think about it - she's making a huge show of "trying" to get pregnant and taking out her birth control - reality TV has just made us too jaded.

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Instagram post by Catelynn Lowell • Jan 15, 2018 at 7:52pm UTC