Is Catelynn and Tyler's Clothing Line Tierra Reign Suitable for Toddlers?

So we know that just about every Teen Mom star is starting their own business and lending their name to whatever business will come their way.

Maci Bookout's man, Tyler, started his own T-shirt company, and of course, Catelynn and Tyler had to follow suit.

Now, Catelynn and Tyler are definitely going for the "It's you gotta buy it" vibe, but how do their clothes measure up to the average brand?

First of all, these two definitely have a lot of overhead because these clothes are definitely EXPENSIVE. The average price for a top is about $25 and a teeny tiny pair of harm shorts will run you $20. Jeez. Really?

Second, apparently, price isn't the only issue. When the line debuted, a number of fans were concerned about the age appropriateness of the clothes. Tyler then responded on his Instagram:

"I usually don't respond to any comments or reactions from social media...BUT I felt the need to do so regarding the @tierrareign Lace Tank. Emma (the cute little model I used) was actually almost 2 sizes too small for the tank! We realized the day of the photo shoot & the production of her size was not completed yet, so we didn't have one to swap it out (or we would have) That is the reason it appears to be more "low cut" in the first image I posted. We also bought a whole bunch of accessories for the shoot & let the kids decide on what they wanted to wear.

Emma liked the choker necklace lol! is the tank on Novalee at the appropriate size.

I know not everyone will like our style & that's totally okay! But I wanted you guys to know that I am paying attention & appreciate all the feedback...good or bad, it helps the business grow in the right direction.

So thank you!"

We're sure the next season of Teen Mom OG will have these two going on and on about how the clothing line is selling out, but we can't see people being able to afford this stuff. Could you?

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