Season 7 Finale Special: Part 1

Chelsea Houska

It's Mother Monday, y'all. Tonight is the first part of the finale special. Normally, two girls are featured for each part. But, you know this. You wouldn't be Junkies if you didn't! I am not sure who is on tonight. Probably a big train wreck (Leah or Jenelle) with a small train wreck (Kailyn or Chelsea). Or they could save the best for last and we will get to see biggest wrecks in one night! We can only dream, right? But that probably won't be until next week if it did. MTV knows how to play us, don't they. I blame editing. Again, this will be a live discussion. I know you have mentioned your frustration for the lack of recaps the last month. Hopefully, we will have everything sorted by TMOG. If you can stay awake through Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Farrah. Don't forget your bud lights, long nails, Batman memorabilia and erotic toys. Schedules got hectic, live got busy, kids...all that good stuff happened for us writers. I, myself, have not watched the last two episodes yet. So, have fun discussing!

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

Chelsea Houska

Hello TMJ! Tomlin here, back at it for another Teen Mom 2 recap. Unfortunately, tonight's recap will not be live. As a lot of you know, I was a senior in college this past school year. Last Friday I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and Public Administration. So I'm officially a member of the full time, working class now! The drawback is that I work from 8am to 1pm and then again from 6pm to 3am. I'm working on finding a position with less vampire-y hours, but you guys know how it is. Our other writers have children, making live recapping tough. Those of you who have been reading for a while remember the good 'ol days when Megan would do recaps the next day. For at least a while until things get figured out, that's the model we'll probably have to return to. If I got paid to write about Teen Mom drama here, I'd drop my night job in a second. Ha! On the up side, I had an interview for a 9-5 gig at a law firm that went really really well today. If you like live recaps, keep your fingers crossed for me! Thank you in advanced for understanding, guys! I'll get the recap up as soon as I can tomorrow!

Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Reportedly Being Filmed with All Four Moms On Board

Chelsea Houska

Several sources reported this week that despite all the rumors otherwise, Teen Mom 2 Season 8 is in production will all four moms signing on- even fed-up Leah Messer.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 8 Recap

Chelsea Houska

Hello my lovely readers! I'm back at it again with another live recap of everyone's favorite sh*t show. For all of you who suffered with us through the technical difficulties we experienced last week, I thank you and welcome you to another opportunity for intense schadenfreude. According to the folks over at TV Guide, we can expect this week's episode to feature stories where "Leah and Corey square off in court over custody of the twins; Jenelle agrees to let Nathan see Kaiser; and Kail struggles to help Isaac, who misses Javi." Can't wait to here from everyone down in the comments! So without further ado, let's get into this week's episode:


Chelsea Houska

Hey Teen Mom Junkies! Tomlin here to do a little introduction for our new recap writer, Rebecca. You all know her from her other articles and I'm sure she'll do a bang up job recapping for us here too. She'll now be alternating weekly recaps with me! Now some of you may wonder "What the what happened to Andrea?" Sadly, girlfriend is having some difficulties with her health. She'll be stepping back from the site for a while, because the last thing she needs is these crazy girlses raising her blood pressure! Let's all keep her in our thoughts as we snark together, in hopes that she'll soon be back here with us. Now I'll stop yacking and let Rebecca take it away.

Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Episode 6 Recap

Chelsea Houska

Hey y'all! We're already six episodes deep, so you know the drill. TV Guide says that tonight we will see scenes where, "Leah considers reuniting with Jeremy; Isaac struggles with Javi's impending deployment; Jenelle's birthday trip to New York is ruined by Nathan; Chelsea and Cole celebrate their engagement; and Aubree has sad news about Adam." Should be good! Let's get into it:Chelsea and Cole are in Puerto Rico for their "Engagement Moon," as Chelsea puts it. One afternoon, they have a one on one picnic where they talk about the engagement again. Chelsea is still in shock. Cole doesn't think anything will be different after they wed. Chelsea reminds him that they can make babies when they're married and says, "I have to worry about that." Is it just me or is that an odd thing to say? Chelsea asks if he'll start hitting bars and not liking her because she's fat when they're married. He says that'd never happen and then they kiss. Yawn.

Adam and Custody

16 and Pregnant

Let's keep the Adam news rolling...

During Monday's Teen Mom 2 episode, Adam said that he received custody of Paislee. In August 2015, Adam and Taylor settled out of court. This upset Chelsea. She was fighting with Adam over custody of Aubree and she thought it would affect her case. Of course, as we know, it didn't. Taylor decided to clarify on Twitter that Adam didn't have custody of Paislee but visitation. Adam felt the need to respond on Instagram that Taylor was the one confused. He posted a copy of the court documents as his proof.