Dejesus Daddy Drama

And it didn't involve the throwing of vases or shoes.

Briana's sister, Brittany, had a major bombshell dropped on her during last night's VH1's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. Since Briana's 16 & Pregnant episode and, later, Teen Mom 3 aired, it was evident that Briana and Brittany's mother, Roxanne, favored Briana. This caused a lot of tension between the Dejesus women and Brittany didn't shy away from saying that Briana was obviously babied and spoiled. In a previous episode [video], behavioral profiler, Janine Driver, analyzed childhood photos of Briana and Brittany. Driver noted that Briana was always in the middle of Roxanne and Brittany with the latter being "pushed" to the side. Of course, Brittany isn't surprised by this revelation but reality seems to hit Briana. Driver also commented on the girls' posture. "Your head is literally on a platter, " Driver tells Briana. "Your sister is just pulled in right here."

The Dysfunctional Dejesus Family

We don't often hear about the girls of Teen Mom 3 anymore, but Briana Dejesus is back on our tv screens as she desperately clings to her 15 minutes of fame seeks help on VH1's Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn. We witnessed her butt heads with her older sister, Brittany, during both 16 and Pregnant and TM3. Nearly three years later, things have gotten so bad that they barely speak to each other. Here's a summary of the four episodes that have aired so far:

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Matthew Milton McCann Jr.

Happy Friday, you guys - and happy start to a long weekend for me!

Teen Mom Junkies exclusively announced back in September that Teen Mom 3 star Matt McCann was going to be welcoming a second child into the world with then fiance, Lekota Koch. Things between the two seemed to be going well, and recent updates show that the couple is stronger than ever.

A Sunday Summary

I feel like every time I turn around, there's something new happening with the ladies from these shows! Here's a quick Sunday summary to keep you up to date on some of the latest Teen Mom happenings!

EXCLUSIVE: Joey Maes Welcomes Third Child

In the comments section on the last post, some people brought up Joey Maes and his ability to impregnate girls. Yeah, I've been the only one that posts much about Joey, because he was on one season of Teen Mom 3, and the dads don't really get much notoriety. We've seen so many of these dads go on to reproduce, and Joey is no exception to that rule. We've frequently bashed Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind for procreating so much, but Joey has officially passed him on the offspring count.

More details emerge about Mackenzie McKee's stolen sex tape that was definitely actually stolen and this situation is not at all made up

As previously reported, Mackenzie McKee insists that her sex tape was stolen and she is doing everything in her power to prevent it from getting out. She is so committed to making sure it stays private that she flew out to Los Angeles to speak to Vivid CEO Steve Hirsh face to face to sort things out. Mackenzie confronted him right outside the Vivid offices in an authentic encounter that Speidi and Courtney Stodden can only dream about.

Mackenzie "Drops" Her New Single

"The Sweetest Treat" is here y'all and things are about to go down. Mackenzie decided recently to create this video for all of the children out there suffering from Diabetes. But unlike her predecessor, Farrah Abraham, her song was actually a rap. She said she wasn't a very good singer and decided that a rap would be the better way to go. Today is the day we finally get to hear this masterpiece single that has been much anticipated by us over at TMJ.