How Much Could Mackenzie Mckee Make To Replace Farrah?

By now, you've all heard that Mackenzie Mckee is likely to be replacing Farrah on Teen Mom OG.  

There's no doubt she's thanking her lucky stars that she's gotten that gig, as it will be a huge windfall like it was for Briana.  Not only will she get the salary she's getting from TM, but she's also going to have a lot more luck selling her Body By Mac videos.  And the added followers on social media alone can be extremely lucrative.  

Teen Mom 2 Special: Chelsea and Cole, a Love Story

We're not sure why MTV chose to feature Chelsea and Cole rather than Papa Randylicious, considering he has SO MUCH MORE appeal. Can you imagine? Watch as Papa Randylicious administers Botox to his patients, defends his slutty daughter to her drug-addicted ex and proves to everyone that dentists are doctors too!!! But no, we got Chelsea, all smug married and better-than-thou momma, trying to pretend she wasn't a TEENAGE MOM just a couple of years ago. In any case, read on to get the deets on just how Chelsea met Cole.

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Mackenzie Gets Real About Mental Health

It looks like Catelynn isn't the only TeenMom star to have ever struggled with psychiatric issues. Now Mackenzie from TeenMom 3 is speaking about some of her lowest moments, when she had depression.

Another Day, Another Divorce

Kail and Javi ain't the only people seeing storm clouds in paradise. It seems like former Teen Mom 3 star, Matt McCann, is headed for divorce before 25 as well. Last time we spoke of Matt here on TMJ all was going well. He was expecting a baby with his long term girlfriend, Lekota, and was rebuilding his relationship with his first daughter, Arabella. Matt was even caught up on back child support! The pair had even moved to Idaho from their home state of Pennsylvania because of job opportunity for Matt.