Can Anyone Explain This Scentsy Fad To Me?

So as many people know, in order to get my stories I have to basically check twitter and facebook all day long in order to find anything remotely interesting to post about with the Teen Moms between episodes. Let me tell you, it's getting harder and harder by the day, especially now that they're all pushing this scentsy shit every other post.

Class Dismissed - Chelsea Is Coming!

We picked up this bit of info from a reliable source (someone who goes to the college Chelsea is going to be attending) that yesterday class was dismissed early due to "bad weather". However, as they were leaving, MTV's camera crew was getting set up for Chelsea to come and take her aptitude test, and apparently didn't want the distractions of, you know, other students.

Today's Awkward Twitter Conversation Brought To You By Leah And Jeremy

While Twitter has been a great tool to learn what celebrities are eating for lunch, communicating with your friends, and for bloggers to promote our latest articles. One thing it should probably not be used for is to chat back and forth with your boyfriend or girlfriend, as Leah and Jeremy realized recently.

Leah Messer Finally Speaks.. Sort Of...

Leah Messer finally opened up and acknowledged the rumors of her having twins (which I didn't believe), and that's pretty much all she mentioned. What about the initial rumors of pregnancy? Your engagement? The fact that you want to want to grow wings and fly around the world zapping people with lightning bolts? (ok, I made that last one up). So while there are a ton of rumors swirling about her, we did get this from her twitter: