Kailyn Lowry's Shocking Diva Behaviors

Kaliyn Lowry has decided that just about everyone else is to blame for her epic fight with Briana. And now, there's new evidence that Kail has taken her diva behavior to a whole new level. We all know that the last time there was a Teen Mom 2 reunion, Kail acted ridiculous with Briana, acting like she needed a special room just for her and Lux and noting that she couldn't possibly do her makeup in the same room as Bri. 

Jenelle Evans Goes Low on Twitter on Nathan! Her Shocking Accusations

Jenelle Evans has decided that Nathan fired the first shot in the epic war for Kaiser and now, she's firing back. It clear that Jenelle doesn't believe in damage control, because if she did, she wouldn't be slinging shots at Nathan. Instead, she's be taking responsibility for the gun incident with Jace and or/ even apologizing for her actions. We all know she could potentially win an award for worst mom of the year, so she'd be a lot better off just admitting that she's been in the wrong this season. 

See Briana and Kail's Epic MTV Reunion Throwdown

Now that Javi is out of the picture, MTV must have decided that they needed to fan some flames between Briana and Kail. So, of course they decided to leak some footage of Kail and Bri's epic throwdown. Of course, we didn't get to see the entire rumble go down. But the hilarious part of this video is how all of it takes place between closed doors and a whole bunch of Bri/Kail friends along with MTV crew look really nervous as the audio for the clip is being filmed and played. 

Jenelle Evans Becomes More of a Diva than Maria Carey

If you watched last night's Teen Mom 2, then you know that the aftermath of Jenelle's gun incident was not pretty. First, Jenelle lied about the entire incident, calling her son a liar to her mother. Ooof. That was not one of her better moments, especially considering she should have known that the entire incident was caught on tape! Second, Jenelle practically forgot about the entire incident when she moved on to complaining about MTV. 

Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 31: The Aftermath of Jenelle's Gun Incident


In the aftermath of the Jenelle incident, Jenelle drops Jace off at Babs's and lies about having pulled a gun out during her road rage incident. Later, Babs calls Nathan all shaken up about the fact that Jenelle pulled a gun out in front of Jace with him in the front seat. Babs plans to pursue court proceedings to get Jace out of the house. 

The Exclusive on What Kail Had to Say about Bristol Palin Joining Teen Mom OG

We're gonna give Kail some credit for this - she sure knows how to drop the meat in her podcast, Coffee Convos. In fact, we have a strong feeling that Kail holds back on her tweets just so her fans will check out her podcast and wait with bated breath while she drops the gossip on various topics that have been taking up time in the media. Of course, the only problem with Coffee Convos is that you have to wade through A LOT of ads as well as a lot of dumb back-and-forth on trivial topics. As an example, Kail and her bud spent a bit of time on this podcast talking about their love of buying school supplies at the beginning of the school year. It always strikes us as bizarre when teen moms don't acknowledge the fact that they were probably a little too busy growing up a child and being a mother to deal with school supplies.