Why Is Javi So Concerned About Briana Televising Her Surgery

Briana DeJesus

In the world of teen moms, nothing is off the record. Well, apparently for Kail it is since she never wants to be observed talking about Javi again. Yep. Somehow, all of her interactions with Briana caused Kail to really want to rise above and ensure that she was keeping things as classy as possible.

Kail's Back At Her Cryptic Tweeting Again

kailyn lowry

Kail is back at it. Although Kail feels it's so important to keep ALL conversations about Brianna and Javi to a bare minimum on Teen Mom 2, apparently Twitter continues to be her sounding board. And considering she knows all of her fans are going to go nuts, we're all surprised that with all her talk of privacy and staying classy, she's not above posting the statements that she does. 

The Attacks on Jenelle's Medications Are Just Absurd

Jenelle Evans

Although there are a million reasons to attack Jenelle, for some reason the newest line of attack (which has been really popular on Reddit) is that Jenelle has too many medications on her counter. It all seems to have started a few days ago-- when this screenshot from Teen Mom 2 was posted online: