Is The Hooded One Really Back? Jenelle Takes To Twitter

Jenelle Evans

Every once in awhile, the moms on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 get a little wild and start answering questions from fans via twitter. It's always good to see because you get some insight on their lives and what's going on behind the news reports. For example, Catelynn updated everyone on her house, etc, and last night it appeared Jenelle took her turn.

Jenelle Evans Takes Some Bad Medicine Indeed

Jenelle Evans

So last night, I was sitting there on my computer and Melinda had "Bad Medicine" (from Bon Jovi) playing on hers (If you didn't know, the song compares love to a drug addiction). That's when I received a tweet from my friend at a Teen Mom fan page showing me this photo. It couldn't be real, could it? After all the things they have been through together, are Jenelle Evans and Kieffer back together?

Kailyn Updates Us On Her Insanity Workout Program

kailyn lowry

I have a confession to make.... I'm lazy! Like, lazy to the point where I'd rather hop in my car and go through a coffee drive thru rather than tear apart my freezer looking for ice cubes. So, when I see all these people on facebook talking about doing Insanity, P90X, RD-D2, C-3p0, I don't know if they're talking about working out or watching Star Wars.

Jenelle Evans Is Off Probation

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has a lot to smile about today. Despite rumors that she's been hanging around ex, Kieffer Delp, which would be a violation of her probation order and which Jenelle staunchly denies, the Teen Mom 2 star was released from probation following a court hearing today. According to RumorFix, Jenelle's hottie attorney, Dustin Sullivan, was quoted as saying:

Jenelle Evans Clears Up Some More Rumors

Jenelle Evans

Despite being forced to deactivate her facebook and twitter in order to get off of probation, Jenelle Evans has still taken the time to update her fans on the current situations in her life. I'm not sure I'd risk probation for that, but as a person who blogs about Teen Mom, I applaud her for sharing the scoop. I've said it a hundred times by now, but instead of keeping to herself about all these issues, she continues to update her fans. While being online hasn't exactly worked out in her favor, including a few cyber stalking charges, at least she doesn't just sell her stories to Reality Weekly.

Was Jenelle Going To Be Mrs. Head?

Jenelle Evans

Is it me, or does being on TV suddenly accelerate a persons life? Like 1 day for a "celebrity" (and I use that word loosely for a reality star), it's probably like 3-4 days of normal person time. Leah has been married twice, Maci is on her third serious boyfriend, Amber has seen more jail time than Lindsay Lohan (who, btw, looks like she's 40), and from the picture above, it looks like Gary Head was prepared to propose to Jenelle Evans after dating her for a few months.

Posting Fail

Leah Messer

I posted a story about Leah getting pregnant, but it was a big fail on my part. That was from the old article in January, and I thought something smelled funny about that. Keeping track of so many shows, I forgot she got married, which should have rang a bell it was an old story. As far as the pregnancy, sadly that was also reported she had a miscarriage with that baby.

Shocking Reports Of Drugs And Abuse Between Jenelle Evans And Gary Head

Victoria Rhyne

Reports have been leaking out about Jenelle's drug usage in recent weeks, first by her former friend, Tori, but now by her ex-boyfriend Gary Head. Jenelle and Gary have had an on again, off again relationship in recent weeks, but apparently they're off for good, and like the ending of every Jenelle relationship, it's turning ugly very quick.

Video: Watch Jace Open His Easter Basket

Jenelle Evans

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend! I haven't posted in a few days, but it's been funny to see all the non Teen Mom blogs still "breaking" the story of Leah's marriage to Jeremy. I'm sure I probably missed a story here and there over the weekend, so I'll post if I find anything interesting. Also remember that there is a new 16 & Pregnant on tonight featuring the cage fighter Lindsey Harrison. This is perfect for MTV, if they ever run out of people for "Caged", they can simply rename this episode and air it there too!