In a Fight Between Kail and Bri Guess Who Wins? I Guess We Now Know

kailyn lowry

Twitter is definitely alive tonight with Kail's recent tweet that she didn't get punched and we should all just "relaaaaaaax." Well, according to the Ashley, it seems we can all do anything but relax, because it sounds like a fight certainly did go down between Kail and Bri. And that's not all, all of the other girls were caught up in the fight given that it took place during filming of the reunion while Britt, Bri's sister, tried to throw punches herself. Even more hilarious, is that according to the Ashley, Dr. Drew and Jo River apparently took flight. 

More Evidence that David Eason is Just Using Jenelle

Jenelle Evans

Our hearts ache for the teen moms, 'cause after all, they're all so vulnerable to exploitation. In fact, when you consider how vulnerable they are, it actually makes sense to us that Bri and Javi would date. Makes sense to want to be with someone who understands life behind the cameras. But noone is more exploitable than Jenelle, who as Babs has pointed out, will give her entire heart up to a man who shows her any love and will do anything to support him. 

Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 2: Make Room for Briana, And That Was It?

Briana DeJesus

In the battle between Briana and Kail, who will win? Well, Jenelle better move over because there's a new tough momma in town and her name is Briana. Oh wait, she also comes complete with a tough sister and her own tough mom too. Read on to find out who battled whom in this episode...

Which Teen Mom Will Wind Up the Most Hated By Her Kids?

Jenelle Evans

In honor of mother's day, we felt compelled to ask which teen mom will be most likely to have a child pen a "mommy dearest" in 20 years? Who are we kidding? The way these teen moms are going, they'll be lucky if any of their children grow up to be literate, much less write a book. But still, in honor of the national holiday today's we're going to take a stab at deciding just who takes the cake as the most intolerable teen mom. 

Why Kail and Briana Will Be The Stars of the Next Big Teen Mom Feud

kailyn lowry

Kaliyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus have been turning this last season of Teen Mom 2 into a clear feud about their families, considering Bri and Javi just made off to Florida with ALL of their kids in tow. So what tells us that these two are about to have an epic fight in just about every episode, being sure to pull out the claws whenever possible? Here's our summary of the evidence leading up to the next best Teen Mom feud: 

Kailyn Lowry Speaks Out About David Eason, Javi On Teen Mom After Show

kailyn lowry

Kaliyn Lowry spoke out during the Teen Mom after show last night about several things.

On men: Kail explained the tweet about Jamaica, where she said she found love.  It was more of a crush.  Apparently, Kail's ideal guy goes spear fishing and can hold his breath for 4 minutes.  She claims she didn't actually talk to the guy.