Jenelle Evans Takes Aim at Farrah Abraham

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans loves to get on twitter and feud with people just as much as the president does. Yep, now Jenelle is taking aim at Farrah it seems. 

Counting Down the Best Dads of Teen Mom

kailyn lowry

Unfortunately for our teen moms, they haven't had the best luck with men. For instance, how much screen time has been taken up with these moms spending time in court, revisiting custody agreements and disputing child support? It seems during every episode, at least one mom is doing one of the above. So in honor of Father's day, we thought we'd give you the run down on Teen Mom's best dads. 

Kail Getting Testy With Tabloids?

kailyn lowry

Kailyn Lowry has decided to take on the tabloids with her retorts about exactly how much she cares about Javi.  Poor Kail. Ever since Javi started dating Bri, everyone has been on jealous watch, detailing Kail's every move to see if she's been showing signs of jealousy. Now that Javi has announced a pregnancy with is his latest girlfriend, the tabloids are out to interpret Kail's every move.