What's David Eason's Recent Controversy Involving Jace? You'll Never Believe It!

Jenelle Evans is never one to shy away from controversy and of course, neither is David Eason. In fact, he seems to have decided to invite as much controversy as possible, particularly with his social media. And now, David Eason has posted photos of himself hunting squirrels with Jace and talking about frying them and eating them. 

David Eason's Latest Shocker: Promoting the Confederate Flag?!

David Eason never fails to make us all wonder why he wasn't fired by MTV a loooooong time ago, and sure enough, his most recent stunt is enough to make anyone wish that Jenelle would be fired too. After all, who else took that photo of David flashing a grin and holding a confederate flag over the Grand Canyon. 

Hmmm - David Eason is on the Hunt and Goes After Papa Randy

It seems Jenelle's last 911 call has served to inflame just about everybody who's ever starred on Teen Mom 2 and also David Eason. 'Cause ever since Jenelle made that fateful call, people like Kail and Randy have weighed in on what's been going with Jenelle, and David has been on a either a mission to get in good with Jenelle by posting overly salacious comments about how much he loves her OR he's decided to persecute castmembers on Teen Mom 2 through social media. 

Why Is Jenelle Trying So Hard to Defend Her Life with David?

Jenelle Evans just keeps the drama going with a recent video that she posted about how she's not a victim of domestic violence. So what gives? Why is Jenelle now giving such a vehement defense of her relationship at this juncture? We have a feeling that this adamant denial has a lot to do with Jenelle felling guilty about making such a public spectacle of her relationship with David and having really thrown him under the bus (no matter what went down at her actual party). One other possibility is that Jenelle is actually high in the video - although she does claim to be trying to get her kids ready for school in the morning. Still, we're not sure why she wouldn't just make the video once her kids had actually left for school. 

Jenelle Attempts to Distract US From 911 Debacle

Typical Jenelle. Now that it's been a week, both Jenelle AND David have decided to pretend her insane 911 call never happened.. These two have decided to spin their marriage into the marriage heaven we all know it isn't. Then again, we wonder if this is what life is like being married to Jenelle. You have to put up with intermittent 911 calls against you accusing you of assault. 

Jenelle Evans Dismisses 911 Call as Family Worries for Her Safety

The Jenelle Evans saga continues. It now turns out that Jenelle is reportedly dismissing all of the drama over her 911 call accusing David of trying to hurt her while everyone else in her life continues to worry about the nature of her marriage with David. Hmmm, some food for thought. However, we're going to take the opposite view here and offer up our perspective on why Jenelle may not necessarily be a damsel in distress in this situation. Let's take a closer look: 

More Indications of Potential Domestic Violence Between Jenelle and David

It was the call heard around the world. After Jenelle placed a call to 911 and unreleased details seemed to point to the fact that she'd been assaulted by David, just about everyone has been speculating about what happened between them. A number of weird details, however, seem to be coming out about the story. Let's examine these a little more closely: