Kail Nabs the Dirt on Bristol From Catelynn and Tyler

kailyn lowry

So Catelynn and Tyler make an appearance on this week's episode of Coffee Convos and had a lot of booooooring things to say. First, Tyler and Catelynn made sure to drop a lot of extraneous information about Carly. Have you ever noticed that this seems to be the only drama that Catelynn and Tyler hang onto so desperately? It seems hilarious that they always have to bring her up despite all of the statements from her family that they don't want Carly to have the media exposure. 

Nathan Request Primary Custody of Kaiser

Jenelle Evans

Although Jenelle wants to keep painting Nathan as a deadbeat dad, pointing out that he spends little time with Kaiser and has never really made an attempt to get to know his son, on this season of Teen Mom 2, we've seen Nathan really escalating his efforts to try to spend time with Kaiser. And now, according to Radar, Nathan has actually filed for primary custody of Kaiser. It seems that the gun incident that Jenelle had with Jace has only increased Nathan's desire to ensure that Kaiser is better protected. 

Briana's Shocking Daddy Issues

Briana DeJesus

On last week's teen mom 2 reunion episode, Bri sat down with Dr. Drew and Brit and really broke down while discussing all of her baby daddy's and how picking each of them was a pattern for her based on her daddy issues. What's interesting is that Bri rarely mentions this when she's filmed on Teen Mom 2 day to day. So what gives? What exactly did Bri say and why did Brit react so differently?

Jenelle's now claiming that Babs and David are getting along...

Jenelle Evans

In a series of tweets today, Jenelle is now claiming that her mom and David are getting along now.  She said that the reason that they're now getting along is that David is "handy" and she "appreciates" that. 

Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Who Threw Punches This Time

kailyn lowry

So, in this version of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, we got to see the throwdown between Bri and and Kail and pay a little more attention this time, since we'd seen the scene a few times before. We gotta say, Brit really assaulted Kail! In fact, we're shocked that Kail didn't press charges. So what went down after that? Read on to find out!