Read Kail's Shocking Rationale For Not Vaccinating Lux

kailyn lowry

So Kaliyn Lowry is making waves again - but surprisingly, this time, it's not for carrying on the endless fighting with Jenelle. Nope, folks. This time it's 'cause Kail has decided to tell the world about just how "educated" she's become about vaccines. Yes, that teenage pregnancy and decade-long attempt to finish off her college degree has made her REALLY smart y'all and that's why she's now sharing her world view about vaccines with all of the rest of us. 

The Real Reason Kail and Jenelle Need to Fight It Out in the Boxing Room

The war between Kail and Jenelle rages on and now Jenelle is getting outraged about remarks Kail recently made about David Eason. Surprise, surprise - Jenelle defending David once again. Yep, folks,Jenelle could make a career out of speaking out on David's behalf. Oh wait, that seems to be how she keeps her name in the press.

Kail's Recent Shocking Venture

kailyn lowry

While all of the teen moms have never been hesitant to grow their brands, branch out into industries such as social media endorsements and clothing merchandising, it now seems Kail is moving into a new, shocking arena.. pot infused hair-care products. What? Yep, over the last week, Kail has been out and about promoting a CBD infused line of hair care products. The line is called "Pothead Haircare" and includes oil treatments, volumizers and leave-in conditioners.  While Kail will be expanding the line, making the current set of products an initial offering, it appears that according to "toofab" she plans to make this the latest of her business ventures.