Teen Mom 2 Recap, Season 9, Episode 7: Kail's Net Worth Will Shock You!

The girls are back. Who pitched the biggest fit this week? Find out below. 


Is it just us, or does it seem like every teen mom lives in a mobile home? Leah has got a lot going including ALL of the DRAMA about her girls's dentist appointment. By the way, why is this dentist appointment so important to Leah that she needs all of her baby daddies there? She calls her friend to complain all about it. 

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So this week started off with Chelsea giving an absolutely BORING summary of Lainey's birth. Read on to see who topped in her in terms of how inane they got...

Is the End Near for Jenelle and David? The Scoop On the Split Rumors

Hey-oh! It's another week and another splitsville rumour that's circulating about Jenelle and her latest baby-daddy. This one doesn't surprise us at all considering that Jenelle and her David have been getting increasingly insane with all of their social media posts and battles with MTV, (now beginning to run on the latest season of Teen Mom 2). So what's the latest?

Teen Mom 2, Season 9, Episode 5: Chelsea Gives Birth - Here's What Came Out...

Surprise, surprise..someone had a baby on Teen Mom. We'll let you guess who...


Bri isn't ready to introduce John to her family yet. Well, makes sense. It must be weird for Bri's mom to meet all the guys she's seeing AFTER she has a baby....Bri's friend gives her a hard time about waiting to intro John to her family. 

You'll NEVER Believe Who Kail and Leah Are Playing Matchmaker To

Kaliyn and Leah apparently want to carry on the good old tradition of having their kids become teenage parents because despite the fact that Lincoln and Addie are all of 5 years old, these two moms want to hook them up together. Yep, folks, as if these kids would need help in dating, Leah and Kail want Lincoln and Addie to end up happily ever after. 

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What drama do the girls have kicking up this week? Check it out below!


Bri certainly has a lot going on this season with more kid/baby daddy drama. Devoin makes an initial appearance to take Nova to an arcade. Hmm, if Devoin is making so little money how can he afford to even take Nova out?