Jenelle Evans Dismisses 911 Call as Family Worries for Her Safety

Jenelle Evans

The Jenelle Evans saga continues. It now turns out that Jenelle is reportedly dismissing all of the drama over her 911 call accusing David of trying to hurt her while everyone else in her life continues to worry about the nature of her marriage with David. Hmmm, some food for thought. However, we're going to take the opposite view here and offer up our perspective on why Jenelle may not necessarily be a damsel in distress in this situation. Let's take a closer look: 

More Indications of Potential Domestic Violence Between Jenelle and David

Jenelle Evans

It was the call heard around the world. After Jenelle placed a call to 911 and unreleased details seemed to point to the fact that she'd been assaulted by David, just about everyone has been speculating about what happened between them. A number of weird details, however, seem to be coming out about the story. Let's examine these a little more closely:

Will Leah Messer Rip Off Kail With Her Prodcast?

Teen Mom 2

Looks like Leah has decided she can do more to grow her "motivational speaking" gig because now, she's decided to launch a podcast. We suspect she's been running out of endorsement opportunities and people aren't exactly knocking on her door to give her a speaking gig. So here's our question - did Leah appear on Kail's podcast and think, "I should be doing this!" Did she give Kail a heads up on the fact that she's going to be launching her own podcast? Will she at least come up with some topics or themes that differ from Kail? Here's our guess at what Leah is going to focus on: 

What Lie Did Kail Accuse MTV Of Making?

kailyn lowry

Kaliyn Lowry never hesitates to say what she thinks. Now, she's coming clean about even more in her new book "Letter of Love."  So what's the truth that Kail has been speaking more recently?

Why Kail Gets Along So Well With Vee and Jo

kailyn lowry

Kaliyn Lowry recently attended the wedding of her ex Jo and really managed to behave herself, pointing out on her Twitter that she was genuinely happy for Jo and that she was happy to attend the wedding with her best friend. So here's the question we've been wondering - why does Kail have so many positive things to say about Jo but so many negative things to say about Javi? Is it just that the wound is fresher with Javi? Does it have to do with Vee behaving herself a lot better than Bri? Read on to find out more. 

Jenelle's Ceasefire with Babs: The Shocking Reason They're Now Pals

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been on a mission to make amends with Babs. As we'd reported in the past, these two have been shockingly cozier over the past few months, getting together and taking a few propped up shots of themselves enjoying each others' company. So what gives? Is this a plea for attention? A court mandate? A request from Jace's therapist. 

How Much Trouble Is Jenelle In With the Storm in North Carolina?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is stuck in North Carolina right now and it appears she's been giving her fans live updates about how she's been doing. Of course, Jenelle being Jenelle can't seem to think about anyone but herself. It appears that Jenelle has been asking her fans to pray for her after she lost power yesterday. Seriously? More people have been affected by this situation than you!