Teen Mom 2, Season 9, Episode 15: Where Did Jenelle Go?

Jenelle Evans

What happened with the moms this week? Check it out:


Chelsea and Cole rent a home with Chelsea's friends and all of the kids are along. Chelsea complains about how how hard it is to click with people and make friends when you're a stay at home mom. Um, technically, you're an MTV star but okay. Later, Chelsea complains to her friend about "mom life" and how tough it is to maintain relationships.   

Jenelle Evans's Shocking Explanation for David's Pig Abuse

Jenelle Evans

Fresh off the controversy surrounding whether she and David faked their most recent breakup, it seems Jenelle and David just can't seem to help themselves with igniting comments on the internet. Unfortunately, an innocent pig got dragged into things. Literally. 

Teen Mom 2, Season 9 Episode 11: Jenelle Lights Fire to Who?

Briana DeJesus

Did another serious showdown erupt between Kail and Jenelle? Let's take a closer look at what's happening with the girls this week. 

Teen Mom 2 Recap, Season 9, Episode 7: Kail's Net Worth Will Shock You!

Jenelle Evans

The girls are back. Who pitched the biggest fit this week? Find out below. 


Is it just us, or does it seem like every teen mom lives in a mobile home? Leah has got a lot going including ALL of the DRAMA about her girls's dentist appointment. By the way, why is this dentist appointment so important to Leah that she needs all of her baby daddies there? She calls her friend to complain all about it.