Ruh roh: Jenelle Lose Custody!

Jenelle Evans

It looks like Jenelle Evans finally met with what we all thought would be her fat about 2 years ago buuuuuuuuut, it just happened! Yes, Jenelle has lost custody of ALL of her kids. While just about every media source is reporting on this today, we have to say, TMZ is definitely reporting the juiciest details.

Jenelle Evans's Descent Into Chaos

Jenelle Evans

Theoretically, you could make the argument that Jenelle's life is no different than it was before. Jenelle constantly headed to the courthouse. Check. Jenelle dealing with one of her baby daddy's calling CPS on her. Check. Jenelle getting angry with the media and acting nuttier than ever through videos she insists on posting on her social media. Check. But one, very important point, is different. So what's that. 

Teen Mom 2, Season 9, Reunion Part I: Addie Gets Showcased

kailyn lowry

It's that time of the season again!!!! Yep, looks like we're in for another finale with the reunion. Did someone punch someone else? Nah. It looks like Kail was unwilling to be on stage with Bri this time. Hmmm, we're wondering why these women seem to have so much pull with MTV? Is there a reason why these people don't get fired more easily? MTV must have decided that the conflict was a great opportunity to stretch whatever film they did collect. 

You'll Never Guess Why Jenelle Got Fired from Teen Mom 2!

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been fired from Teen Mom 2, people!!!!

And...methinks the lady doth protest too much!

Teen Mom, Season 9 Episode 16: Does David Have Jenelle On Lockdown?

kailyn lowry


Kail is recording a podcast, and naturally, invited Amber on. Hmmm, let's guess what they're going to talk about. Yep, Amber comes clean about her conflict with Jenelle and notes she actually felt sorry about how she handled things. Amber and Kail talk about how they, at times, got along better with people on the show like Jenelle and Farrah. 

Why Roxanne and Brit Deserve Their Own Reality Show

Briana DeJesus

So by now, we've all gotten quite a taste of all of the families on Teen Mom 2 and what their foibles are. We know just how racist David can be, we know how fiesty Leah's kids can be and we know just how annoying and camera hogging Javi can be. BTW, sidenote, we're actually surprised at how little Javi is featured in this season. But can we start in just how much drama Brit and Roxanne have brought to Teen Mom 2? Let's breakdown why we think MTV needs to give these two their own show: