Can Chelsea Hurry Up and Stop Being So Damn Perfect?

chelsea houska

Let's face it, everyone watches Teen Mom for the hot mess that is Jenelle. After all, lately, Chelsea has just been so BORING. This is a plea for Chelsea to hurry up and become just a little bit more exciting. After all, is it just us, or have every recent scene in Teen Mom with Chelsea in it been about her and her domestic felicity?

Now, don't get us wrong, Chelsea clearly still has issues. While she was watching her dad dispense Botox to a friend, recently, she talked about how Adam was a lot like Maci's ex, Ryan.

But bringing an ex to the show who actually passes out on camera while driving is a whole lot different than talking about it.

And what's up with Cole? Isn't he just a little too perfect? It's so tiring to watch him parent Aubree just a little too perfectly.

Not to mention, we're surprised that MTV didn't film about Chelsea's recently troubles with the FTC. Yep, little miss perfect is actually having some problems obeying the laws when it comes to product endorsements on social media.

Here's our thought: Switch out Chelsea for a new spot on Kiefer or Nathan...wouldn't it be sweet to needle Jenelle with some time set aside for all of her baby daddie. C'mon MTV, bring on the drama!

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