Bristol Palin vs Farrah Abraham: Which One is More Annoying?

Last night we got to learn more about Cheyenne and Bristol up close and personal and while Cheyenne proved to be your typical teen mom featured on the show (plenty of baby daddy dramz that she's "so over"), Bristol seemed to have that extra level of tiresomeness.

Like pretty much everything she had to say was incredibly annoying. So, in honor of the upcoming premiere of Teen Mom OG, we just had to ask, who's more annoying, Bristol or Farrah?

1. Amount of plastic surgery 

Bristol and Farrah both like to act like natural beauties (although Farrah has been upfront about her surgery but still seems to behave as she looks more gorgeous than ever) but it's clear that even Bristol has had some work done. We're thinking her breasts and nose.

While we're going to give Bristol some credit for exposing her good work to several different pregnancies, it's clear she's trying to disguise the idea that she's definitely had work done.

We're going to say that Bristol wins this round for being more annoying.

2. Tendency to act better than she is

Like Farrah, Bristol has a tendency to perceive her situation quite a bit differently than it is. For instance, at one point, Bristol notes that when she first moved to Austin, people though she was "stuck up." Yeah, that's what people thought about you. No, actually, we have a strong feeling people actually look down on you.

Again, we're going to give Farrah a lot of credit for making her own way in the world as opposed to being born with a silver spoon in her mouth and doing nothing with it but getting onto a reality TV show.

Again, Bristol wins this round for being more annoying.

3. Rewriting History

There's an extensive scene in which Bristol is filmed denying that her son ever uttered a homophobic slur. in fact, she goes so far as to insist that her son couldn't possibly have said the slur despite the fact that the child can be scene clearly mouthing the slur.

Farrah certainly has a tendency to re-write factually based on events that happen and has even taken to the phrase "fake news." However, given Bristol went so far as to show us fake dubbed footage, we're again, going to have to award her this round too.

So there you go, folks. Bristol Palin is officially the most annoying mom on Teen Mom OG, and definitely tops Farrah. 



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