Bristol May Be Making $250k, But The Other Moms Aren't Doing Too Bad Either

Teen Mom OG

Us Weekly revealed this weekend that Bristol is earning $250k for her first season of Teen Mom OG.  This is pretty good, especially for a first season mom, but the other moms aren't doing bad either. 

According to The Squander, the top earning Teen Mom 2 cast members are earning around $30,000-35,000 per episode, or $300,000-$500,000 per season. This is significantly more than Bristol Palin.

In fact, they have been making over $300,000 for multiple seasons now. Only Briana, who was clearly desperate for some cash, was making significantly less.

Although all of the moms started at much lower rates than Bristol, they have increased in salary over the years.

And none of the moms started with the same name recognition as Bristol, so it's pretty absurd for them to be jealous that she's getting paid so well.

The moms' egos may have exploded over the years, but just like in any other entertainment business, the daughter of a famous politician is much more valuable than a bunch of random teens who got knocked up at 16.

Over the past few years, the Teen Mom franchise has been quite the gravy train for the moms. Farrah, for example, is now worth $3-6 million, according to The Squander.

That includes promotion deals, adult video and toys sales, and events -- none of which she would have had if it were not for TM. Kail, meanwhile, can command $100,000 or more for a promotional deal. And she has plenty of ad partners for her projects, like Coffe Convos.

Next time the moms complain about their compensation, they may want to take another look at how good TM has been to them.

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