Briana Reveals Unbelievable Way She Took Revenge On Luis -- And MTV Didn't Know

Teen Mom 2

Today Briana DeJesus revealed something that apparently won't get shown on Teen Mom 2 on MTV. What happened? Well, here's the story...

According to Briana's Twitter, after she found out that Luis cheated, she took 500 crickets, that she found, and snuck into Luis's house. Apparently she had keys to his house from before the breakup. He never found out it was her.

Then, weeks, later, she did it again with baby crickets. She noted: 'I remember we were filming at dinner and he's like "omg there's crickets in my house I couldn't sleep last night, I had to vacuum them up"'

But Briana told Luis that he couldn't vacuum them up: 'And I'm like u know the vacuum isn't going to do much they can crawl back out and he's like "omg I didn't think of that"'

Here's the Twitter thread.

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