Briana DeJesus' Stress Level Is Climbing

From watching Teen Mom over the years, it's easy to see that being a single mom is quite possibly one of the hardest things in the world.

Briana DeJesus knows this, which is why she is clearly stressing out heavy over her upcoming baby. Can she count on Luis?

"If I tell you I'm going to be there, I'll be there," Luis said, during last nights episode of Teen Mom 2.

His reassurance still doesn't seem to sit well with DeJesus who pretty much said she had heard that before. Words are one thing but it looks like DeJesus really needs Luis to start taking action.

"I just feel stressed out knowing that we're not going to be together and knowing that adoption is off the table, knowing that I'm going to have another baby, being a single mom.

I'm stressed," said DeJesus in her conversation with Luis.

She doesn't appear to be at a breaking point, though, it does look like she is getting a little frantic about the baby.

Luis had been quite supportive of keeping the baby and there's a chance he really steps it up in the future. We'll have to stay tuned to find out.

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