Briana DeJesus' Baby Shower Was Worse Than We Saw

behind the scenes

Viewers got a glimpse into Briana DeJesus' baby shower that turned bad almost instantly.

According to new reports, the baby shower may have been much worse than we saw for ourselves. Truly didn't believe it was possible but yeah, it's looking like it was totally terrible.

Obviously we saw that DeJesus and her mom were really not in the mood for a second set of cameras at the shower.

Luis and two friends, who were not invited by the way, showed up and they were in the mix filming. Two filming crews just happens to be way too much, so we definitely agree.

"Only reason why those cameras were there was bc they wanted the hype for their 'documentary' like 'ooo we filming w/ MTV' boy bye lol," said DeJesus as she chucked the shade at her daughter's father.

The tweets came after the episode had aired and fans had begun to air out their own thoughts on the shower. She would later on throw shade at Luis' friends as well.

"And MTV didn't even show how they only came for 20 mins and left bc they had go to dj at a club," she continued in her tweets, according to WetPaint.

"U can bring a camera but not a gift for ur friends kid... but my BD said he didn't see anything wrong with it lol."

During her tweeting session, DeJesus teased that there was more disrespect to come in the rest of the season. Guess we'll have to see just how far she was pushed.

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