The Biggest Meltdowns from the Upcoming Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Teen Mom 2

Reddit and other sites had some moles at this weekend's taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Sarcasm has a great long recap of everything that went down, which is linked below. But here are some of the biggest meltdowns and explosions that we can't wait to see:

- David Eason pulls out a knife and starts swiping it at balloons

- Jenelle suggests that Barbara is an alcoholic, and then she suggests that Nathan (or his family) caused Jace to have bruises on his butt; Nathan, meanwhile, blames the bruises on Jenelle

- Jenelle attacks the Teen Mom production team, like she has on social media, and she seems to blame her visits from protective services on Teen Mom editing

- As always, Jenelle and David walk out, angry about something

- Nathan brought a drug test for Jenelle and David to take -- of course, they don't

- Nathan's mom says that David punched Kaiser in the head at one point

Those are the highlights.

If you want to see the details, you can check out the Starcasm article here. Meanwhile, Jenelle took to Instagram last night to dispute the characterization of the events, although she didn't seem to dispute the facts.

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