Being Vee Teen Mom Special: How does Vee Really Feel About Kail

vee torres

Tonight was MTV's teen mom special on Vee. Read on to learn more about the drama that's going on with Vee and Jo.

Vee talks about how she and Jo have a lot going on. He's starting a new real estate business, she's starting a makeup business and they're both planning a wedding. Meanwhile, Vee is still adjusting to life in Delaware.

Most of Vee's clients for her makeup business live in New Jersey.

At a trial for makeup application with a client, Vee talks about her difficult relationship with her father. Since moving to Delaware, Vee hasn't been able to connect as much as she'd like with her parents.

Later, Vee goes out with her friend Alessandra and talks about the adjustment to life in Delaware.

The next day, Vee and Jo go look at wedding venues and reminisce over how they met. Vee also discusses Jo's differing parents styles with her mom.

On a Tuesday night, Vee and Jo discuss wedding plans.

It turns out they might have to get a loan for the wedding venue, which could also affect Jo's ability get real estate financing for his own business. Vee looks pissed.

Vee also processes the pain of her father never having met Vivi and wants to consider not inviting him to the wedding.