'Being Simon' Teen Mom OG Special Recap: Why Does Simon Live in a Shitty Apartment?

Farrah Abraham

Tonight was the "Being Simon" special on MTV and we got to see exactly how "rich" Simon was. For some reason, Simon drives an SLS Mercedes but lives in a tiny little apartment.

And that was just the opening sequence. Naturally, despite the fact that this special was supposed to be about Simon, Farrah managed to horn in on it and capture quite a bit of screen time.

The current status of Farrah's relationship with Simon is that they're "just friends." Apparently, that means Farrah decided to become partners with Simon in a real estate flipping venture.

It's not clear what this means since all that Farrah really seems to do is party with Simon at clubs, ride in his car and criticize him.

Oh, wait, she did manage to help him spray pain the backyard of one of his homes green? Seriously? We're starting to think that this MTV special is going to scare off any potential buyers of Simon's homes.

In the next scene, Simon and his friends demonstrate their ability to "party hard" at a club, where Farrah also shows up.

This is pretty funny since we find out later that most of Simon's friends are a bunch of nerdy Indians. Yep, complete with Indian accents.

In any case, Simon's friends ask him about the status of his relationship with Farrah. Simon isn't sure himself.

Later, Simon and Farrah argue about Farrah trying to take over the flipping project they're currently working on by calling in unnecessary plumbers.

Despite what seems like endless bickering, Simon and Farrah manage to make it to their next meeting which is with Simon's partner, whom he met in college, Alex.

Alex is either really vacant or just has a lot of contempt for Farrah because the look he gives her while she's asking him questions is definitely epic.

When the trio heads over to the home that Simon and Alex have up for sale, even Simon looks like he's have trouble pretending to humor Farrah's thoughts.

Farrah and Simon then drive away and proceed to have a tiff about the "basic bitches" that Farrah has caught Simon hugging. Farrah can't tolerate this and tells Simon that she can't be his girlfriend because of this.

Simon apologizes but then transitions to the next scripted moment which is for him to "show" Farrah his Indian culture.

Farrah proceeds to parade her cultural ignorance by telling Simon she should "wear a red dot on her forehead and smell like curry," and later, mistakes Simon's native language as "Indian."

Simon then takes Farrah shopping for Indian clothes to give her a taste of his culture.

Of course, because the shop owners are being given so much free publicity they have no problem kissing Farrah's ass which seems to be the only condition under which she can smile.

Later, the duo heads off to the shopowner's home for a taste of Indian food, again with the family giving Farrah way too much leeway with what they deem to be a "great personality." Oof, the shameless kowtowing ot Farrah was just a little hard to take.

That's it for "being Simon." Too bad the special focused a little too much on Indian culture because this is one Indian who's definitely giving the culture a bad name.

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