Babs Now A Fan of David Eason? Hear Jenelle's Shocking News About Their Relationship

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been complaining for a while now about Babs's hatred of David. In fact, Babs didn't even get an invite to Jenelle and David's wedding, which is pretty shocking considering that MTV filmed the whole thing. 

But now, it appears that Jenelle is citing a reconciliation. On Twitter today, Jenelle was boasting about Babs getting along with David. Here are her exact words:

He noticed he’s very “handy” and appreciates that. So far so good! Guess who gets along now? Babs and David. That took forever. So annoying. 

Hmmm, this sounds really suspicious considering that Babs just noted that she's afraid for her life around David and believes that he's going to come after her and kill her? We wonder if Jenelle is trying to deliberately create goodwill in hopes of improving David's reputation. 'Cause we have to say, this is a lot of reconciliation for someone who didn't invite her mother to her wedding.

It's also strange to see that David is actually hugging Babs himself. Is it possible that Jenelle and David have decided to stop slinging mud at the world and get to work actually improving their reputations?

In other news, Jenelle has had some additional good news lately, having been cleared of charges against her in her custody battle for Kaiser. 


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