Are We Shocked That Jenelle Evans Lost Custody of Jace?

Barbara Evans

After all of the positive changes that Jenelle Evans made in her life it's hard to believe that she has actually lost custody of her son Jace, as we learned in last nights episode of Teen Mom 2.

"Jenelle lost her custody battle to Barbara Evans, but she did get solid visitation days with her son Jace," according to USWeekly.

"Barbara said the main reason is that Jace is 'scared to death' of Jenelle's fiance, David Eason, who had some choice words to say about his mother-in-law to be."

There is no way Evans is happy about losing custody of her son, though, her visitation set up is pretty generous.

We aren't sure whether or not this would put a strain on Evans' relationship with Eason, though it never seemed to be the case.

One thing we know for sure is that Evans and her mom's relationship is completely shot at this point.

"I don't consider her as my mom anymore," Jenelle said, according to the report.

"She's completely ruined our relationship."

We didn't expect Evans to go running back to her mom after a custody battle but it really looks like all hope is lost at this point.

We'll keep monitoring the custody situation and see if there is a chance that Evans could regain custody.

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