Are Bri and Javi Gonna Make a Baby?

Briana DeJesus

Bri and Javi have been loving up a storm in the past few months, posting pics of themselves with their respective kids, taking trips to places like Disney, and now, sharing pics of themselves wearing matching sweatshirts.

So, what's up next for these two? Are they gunning for their own MTV spinoff? Are they going to start a clothing company together (considering every teen mom is hawking a tee-shirt or merch site).

Even more intriguing - are they gonna get pregnant? Here are 3 reasons why we suspect Javi and Bri might actually wait on the baby thing.

1. Bri wants her pre-baby body back.

Bri has made quite the public statement about all of the plastic surgery she plans to get.

Now, even though she had had plastic surgery after the birth of Nova, we strongly suspect Bri will relieve the pain of undergoing surgery again and want to swear off having kids for at least, some time.

2. Bri and Javi don't need to have a baby to seal their love

Now that these two are past their teens, they probably don't feel the need to do the baby before marriage thing, like most of the teen moms. After all, your 20s are there to give you some confidence.

It's likely that Bri and Javi are the developmental stage where they no longer need to have a kid to feel good about each other.

3. Bri and Javi don't have to have a baby to attract attention.

Nowadays, the teen moms are all about business. So it would make sense that a baby between these two would attract A LOT of publicity and even potentially make each of them a lot of money.

But given how cute Javi and Bri are together, and how much additional publicity could come from the whole Kail v.

Bri storyline, we suspect that these two don't even need to have a baby to make money out of this relationship.

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