Amber May Be In For A Tough Year

andrew glennon

Amber Portwood spoke to Us recently and revealed that she got off her medications for bipolar disorder and personality disorder before getting pregnant.

She said that being with Andrew Glennon made her want to wean off the meds and see if she could be happy without them...

The star reveals that she decided to wean off the meds when she and Baier ended things. "It was rough, but it was a necessary thing to do," she says. "I needed to see where I was in my head and it's a beautiful thing because I just feel better."

Shortly after, Portwood learned she was expecting. "We're both very happy," she gushes of her cinematographer love. "I feel like it's a new chapter of my life."

We'll take her word for the order of events there, but wow... only weeks ago she was saying she didn't want to put stress on her relationship with Glennon.

Amber is essentially saying that her issues with Matt Baier were what gave her bipolar disorder, and now that she's with Andrew, she's fine.

It seems to us like a really bad idea for Amber to put herself in a position where she can't get back on meds if something goes wrong.

And it's not like Amber's start with Andrew has been perfectly smooth. After all of the arrests and legal issues revealed a few months ago, things got pretty rocky with the couple.

Amber has had a rough several years now, with all of the drama with Matt.

She seemed to be ready to change things up, but it seems like she may be setting herself up for another rough patch in the future.

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