Teen Mom OG Season 7, Episode 21 Recap: Maci Thinks She's Running for President

Sadly, everyone on Teen Mom OG has turned into such a snore that we now have to rely on Cheyenne and Bristol to supply some drama. So let's see what these girls had to say this week:


Cheyenne decides to kick up some drama with her real dad and for some reason, her step-dad, who we think should be Cheyenne's next boyfriend considering how rockin' his body is, decides to join the conversation.

Cheyenne and her dad do work it out but we swear he caught a look at her ass considering what she's wearing (or barely wearing) as a coverup at her pool party.

Later, Cheyenne gets upset about Zach's friend getting drunk at her pool party but she and Zach to make up the next day. 


Catelynn and Tyler are getting their hair down on the set of Dr. Oz and get a backstage visit from Dr. Dow. Later, Tyler talks to a producer of some sort with a VERY high-pitched voice about how Catelynn's depression affects him.

Later. Dr.

Dow, who is clearly the king of botox, decompresses with Tyler and Catelynn.

Catelynn says she thinks they're doing a lot better as a couple and Tyler looks skeptical.

Catelynn also adds a warning note about how she thinks "some things need to remain behind closer doors between her, Tyler and their therapist." Uh oh....

Tyler goes out with his friends later and complains about what life has been like since Catelynn returned. 


Bristol's son Tripp is going to be on Dancing with the Stars and we have to say, hits it out of the park with his partner on the floor during practice. We guess Bristol thinks it's never too early to be a stage mom.

Bristol and Dakota have decided to divorce and she feels like she's getting a break being in LA with Tripp. Bristol hangs out with PIper and discusses her issues with Dakota.

Back in Austin, Dakota calls Bristol and finds out that she'll only be back in Texas depending on how Tripp does on the show. One thing we have to add, is what's Bristol doing about that job that she claims to have. Bristol has to give an extensive defensive about how she's a great mom when she's on the phone with Dakota.

We do have to admit that Dakota is right about Bristol being off-topic and defensive. That's what you get when you marry a Palin.

Bristol and Sarah Palin drive Tripp to his auditions and Sarah manages to convince us exactly how stupid she is in when stumbles over the word "logistical." 

Once she's back in the house, Bristol gets upset about all of the things that she bought and how she put so much money into the house and just wants it back from the divorce settlement.

Um, yeah, money from what job?


Maci points out things have been awkward between her and Jenn since she filed the order against Ryan. She then quickly moves onto talking about how she's going to be doing advocacy work for PCOS. We're surprised that she decided to feature this on the show considering how much she likes to keep Ryan part of her storyline considering he's not even on the show anymore. 

On returning from her talk about PCOS, Maci brings back an award and talks about how honored she was to be at Capital Hill. Um, you're not running for president. 


Leah pays Amber a visit and sees James. Dad-bod Gary is around to talk about his desire to find his biological dad.

Oh boy. This again. We have to admit that we were also shocked to find out that Jodi, the man who had exactly as many chins as dad-bod Gary wasn't his father but are we seriously still on this?

It turns out that dad-bod Gary needs a private investigator to figure out who his real dad is. We guess this is what Gary's hard-earned MTV money is going to (sorry Boo-Boo).

Gary has lunch with his mom and figure out juuuuuust how trashy she must have been considering she can't fil in much detail about how his bio dad might actually be.

Gary decompresses with his wife after his conversation with his mom and seems in complete denial about what a slut his mother was.

In LA, Amber and Andrew get together with some of his family and friends to talk about the new changes in his life. 



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