Amber Portwood Lashes Out At TMOG Fans Who Question Her Relationship With Her Daughter

andrew glennon

Amber Portwood is not happy about the backlash she's been getting about how she handled her daughter after her breakup with Matt Baier.

Today, she lashed out on Twitter at her haters:

The response comes after many fans attacked her based on how she basically ignored Leah during the rocky ending of her relationship with Matt.

Instead of taking care of Leah, she appears to ignore her and let Gary deal with her, as she jets off to Vegas to see Matt.

In this week's Teen Mom OG episode, Gary even notes that he doesn't think that Amber has any interest in Leah anymore.

Some of the responses to Amber were like this one:

The thing is, mental health is a serious issue and it can be very hard to deal with for a child.

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