All the Times We Saw Bristol's Divorce Coming on Teen Mom OG

After seeing the premiere of Teen Mom OG. we're thinking the real reason Bristol got a chance to be featured on this season of Teen Mom OG is that she definitely has the most authentically jacked up relationship.

Amber is simply not generating enough drama given she's not beating Andrew or getting cheated on and of course, everything between Tyler and Catelynn sees a tad staged.

Maci's only source of real drama is her relationship to Ryan Edwards Cheyenne has an ADORABLE child and may get back together with Cory buuuuuuut, truth be told, it's Bristol who's got a trainwreck of a relationship.

Let's revisit her fight with Dakota shall we, when she wore the overalls from mom hell....Bristol was in the kitchen doing various things for her kids and there's Dakota screaming at her about what an unsupportive wife she's been. And while Bristol denies saying some of the things she's accused of saying in front of their couples' therapist, you can see that her patience has definitely been wearing thin with Dakota.

Another concerning fact was Bristol's desperate plea to want to raise her children without seeing her and Dakota fighting. Or Dakota's admission that he puts Bristol down when he's upset.

Oh boy. What's also not clear is exactly how much help Dakote is actually getting. Is he actually receiving psychiatric care considering his PTSD seems pretty intense? 

So no surprise then that Bristol would confirm her divorce from Dakota in August. The real question, however, is whether Bristol will have more children. Will Bristol prove to be too stuck up to have 3 baby daddies?  

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