All About the Leah Pregnancy Rumors

leah messer

In the past week, Leah has inspired a number of rumors that she is pregnant with her fourth child.

Now, as we all know, Leah has been single and dating. But is it possible that she's met someone and in typical teen mom fashion, has gotten pregnant before the relationship was the least bit solidified?

The truth is, a pregnancy seems hard to believe right now from Leah. Why? For some reason, Leah seems to be taking her goals of become a motivational speaker a little too seriously.

As we all saw in the last teen mom episode, Leah didn't perform much better than she did the first time she did a motivational speech.

But it seems like because several women in the audience were excited to meet her (really?!) she felt the event was successful.

And now, Leah is posting way too many hackneyed pearls on her Instagram, clearly thinking that she is providing the world with a window into the heart of the da lai lama.

Um, no, dear, we can get these thoughts on a crocheted welcome mat from Michaels if we needed to, we don't need to read it on your Instagram.

In any case, we're guess Leah takes herself juts a little too seriously to give up on this opportunity to pursue her dream.

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