The Aftermath of Jenelle's Gun Incident: Will Nathan Gain Custody of Kaiser?

Jenelle Evans

Let's call it the great gun incident of 2018 but whatever you want to call it you know that on the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, when Jenelle pulled out a gun, it may have impacted her reputation as a mother.

Well, now, Nathan is calling her out on it. And oh, how shocking it is to see Nathan becoming a voice of reason in this situation. 

In the incident, Jenelle was cut off by another driver on the road. She called the cops on him but the incident didn't end there. Instead of going home and fuming about it, Jenelle decided to drive over to the man's house, following him home.

She then ran over his mailbox and when he came outside and began hitting her car, she pulled a gun on him.

She then decided to beat it and skedaddled out of the guy's driveway, only to be stopped by the cops on the road on the way back to her home.

Here's what Nathan is now saying about the incident to US Magazine:

“I am afraid that if she carries a loaded weapon inside a vehicle and she keeps it that accessible without a lock on it, it’s very dangerous to be around children. Especially if they don’t know … [to] always treat your gun like it’s always loaded,” Griffith explained to the outlet. “Depending on the situation, that guy could have had a gun too, and it could have been an all-out brawl. Children could have been hurt. She could have been hurt…  It could have been a nasty situation and bloodbath.”

Nathan also went on to say: 

“Just from personal experience, I think a lot of their parenting skills lack in quality and I don’t think that they’re properly educating the children about the guns.”

Woah. We're shocked to hear such logic coming from Nathan's mouth. It goes to show that when he's sober, Nathan can actually sound a lot more reasonable than Jenelle.

Either that, or it demonstrates just how crazy Jenelle actually is. We can't wait to see how this one plays out on the next episode of Teen Mom 2.

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