Who's Farrah Shocking Choice to Play Her in Her Movie?

farrah abraham

Farrah's been ever so gleeful about her recent announcement of a movie that's going to be made about her, based on her book "My Teenage Dream Ended." Naturally, Farrah has appointed herself at the helm of this venture, and was posting on Instagram about how she's looking for headshots for casting. 

Dear Teen Moms, NOBODY wants to hear your political opinions...

Teen Mom OG

As much as we complain about the Teen Mom franchise, it's great. And in general, it has gotten better over time.  

Only Jenelle Would Have an Explanation Like This for David's Insane Rant

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has a way of making things go from bad to worse, doesn't she? Is it because she really has to have David's back on everything? Is it because she's highly emotional and needs more therapy than the world can offer to contain her feelings? Is it because she wants the publicity because she knows all of the social media attention will help her sell more lip gloss? Or is she just high.? <<<<Sigggghhhhhhh>>>>>> Your guess is as good as ours and it could be any of those possibilities or none of those possibilities. One things we're definitely not left guessing on, on this fine spring morning is that a full-on-out war has broken out among Leah, Jenelle and Kail.