The Shocking Feud Between Jenelle and Jessica Eason

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is awfully proud of herself for having avoided the throw-down that happened on the latest Teen Mom 2 reunion. We're pretty sure that she really regretted not being there and making some additional publicity for herself since her entire income does depend upon it. Still, we're not sure how much credit Jenelle should be taking considering she's been feuding with just about everyone else in the world. 

What???!!! Kail Plans to Have Another Child?

kailyn lowry

Kaliyn Lowry either really loves kids, really loves being pregnant or really does have a contract with MTV that stipulates she have a baby approximately every couple of seasons because on her most recent podcast which featured Chelsea, Kail revealed that she's got babies on her mind. In fact, Kail pointed out that she'd be willing to go to a sperm bank to father her fourth child. 

Briana De Jesus Claims She Quit TM2...But Did She?

Briana DeJesus

After all of the disastrous events that occurred over the weekend at the Teen Mom 2 reunion, everyone seems to be thinking of quitting.  Kail is extremely angry, Chelsea walked out (according to Kail, MTV didn't make an effort to protect her during the fighting), and Briana is now saying this:

What's Going On With Kail and Chris???

kailyn lowry

Looks like things are really heating up with Chris and Kail.  

We saw last week that Kail had a mystery date with Chris (although she didn't exactly admit that it was Chris) before the reunion.  She spoke of going to Outback on her Coffee Convos podcast, and although she was very coy about who she went on a date with, her co-host Lindsey essentially got it out of her.

Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 21: Sh*t Hits The Fan -- And The Fan Hits Back

Briana DeJesus

How close did Britt come to pulling out Kail's hair at the last season of Teen Mom 2? Mmmm, pretty close. Ready to find out the details?

The Real Reason Kail Threatened Briana in the Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Briana DeJesus

Following the trail toward the intense throw down between Briana and Kail has been complicated given that we're only seeing the footage of the conflict between them on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2 now. But, we also have to track the media trail that led up to the the reunion that took place just a couple of days ago, since it's clear emotions were intense right up to the most recent events. So, what do we suspeBri t threw Kail over the edge?

In a Fight Between Kail and Bri Guess Who Wins? I Guess We Now Know

kailyn lowry

Twitter is definitely alive tonight with Kail's recent tweet that she didn't get punched and we should all just "relaaaaaaax." Well, according to the Ashley, it seems we can all do anything but relax, because it sounds like a fight certainly did go down between Kail and Bri. And that's not all, all of the other girls were caught up in the fight given that it took place during filming of the reunion while Britt, Bri's sister, tried to throw punches herself. Even more hilarious, is that according to the Ashley, Dr. Drew and Jo River apparently took flight.