Jenelle's Ceasefire with Babs: The Shocking Reason They're Now Pals

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has been on a mission to make amends with Babs. As we'd reported in the past, these two have been shockingly cozier over the past few months, getting together and taking a few propped up shots of themselves enjoying each others' company. So what gives? Is this a plea for attention? A court mandate? A request from Jace's therapist. 

Farrah's Shocking Breakdown: Who Is She Accusing Now?

farrah abraham

Another day, another breakdown. And it looks like this time, Farrah Abraham is at the heart of the controversy. Today, Farrah appeared with her moms, Debz, on the show "Face the Truth" hosted by Vivica A.Fox. The goal of her appearing on the show was to mend her relationship with Debz. Of course, we find it hard to believe that this would be a true goal considering that these two have appeared on reality TV before to purportedly address the troubles in their relationship before. 

How Much Trouble Is Jenelle In With the Storm in North Carolina?

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is stuck in North Carolina right now and it appears she's been giving her fans live updates about how she's been doing. Of course, Jenelle being Jenelle can't seem to think about anyone but herself. It appears that Jenelle has been asking her fans to pray for her after she lost power yesterday. Seriously? More people have been affected by this situation than you!

Kail Slams Mackenzie on Twitter

kailyn lowry

If there's one thing that Kail seems to excel at it's clapping back at people on Twitter. Whether it's Jenelle, OR Javi, OR Bri, Kail simply loves to unleash the anger on Twitter. And boy, when she lets it rip, does she let it rip. So who's her latest victim? Why Mackenzie Edwards of course!

Which Teen Mom OG Star Has Gone Off The Rails Now

Tyler Mckinney

It seems there's been quite a bit of unexpected turnover on Teen Mom OG lately which means that you've got a lot of unemployed stars with nothing but time on their hands and apparently they're using it to call MTV out in a senseless, desperate way. So who's been at it more recently? 

Kail's Shocking Standards for a Man

kailyn lowry

One of the more shocking admissions that Kail has made recently on the finale of Teen Mom 2 was her standards for a man. Now, while Kail has been throwing some serious shade at Jenelle about the matter of how great David Eason is and generally acts like she's a lot better than the rest of the teen moms, it's clear she's on the show for a reason. Let's examine, shall we.