Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

Jenelle Evans

Remember when Kieffer Delp went all crazy posting Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans' phone number all over her Facebook fan page? Apparently, Jenelle subscribes to the "revenge is sweet" tactic and posted Kieffer's number all over her fan page right back. So much for her taking the high road. Also, my sources tell me (okay, I don't have any sources. I just saw it written on another fan page) that this number she posted is actually Kieffer's girlfriend's number. Personally, I think that's even lower than posting Kieffer's number.

I Am Really Jealous Of Farrah Abraham Right Now

farrah abraham

Did you know that Austin, Texas, holds an Ice Cream Festival every year? Neither did I. Let me say it straight out: I love ice cream. As far as I'm concerned, it is the best food in the entire world. All that creamy goodness with little goodies like Oreo cookies thrown in. It just can't be beat. Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham is extremely lucky, because she is at a festival that honors ice cream! That sounds like the best festival ever! There is also music and other activities, like a screaming competition. I think Farrah would win that competition hands down! She could just pretend she's yelling at her mom.

Gary Shirley Defends His Actions

gary shirley

TMZ dropped a bombshell that Teen Mom's Gary Shirley was out partying with strippers for 11 hours, racking up a $5,000.00 bill. The tabloid even posted pictures of the fun he had, which doesn't really prove anything. Gary has looked exactly the same since the dawn of time. In true Gary fashion, he was quick to defend his actions, saying this happened over a year ago and they were there for an hour, not 11, and didn't spend anywhere near $5,000.00.

Season 3, Ep. 6 - Gary Time Does It Up Like A Hairnet

catelynn lowell

Yes, I have decided that Gary's name will be "Gary Time" from now on, or at least until I get bored with it. Also, someone on my Facebook page referred to Ryan as "Yawning Ryan" and I kind of like that one too. I may adopt that moniker for him in the future.

Jenelle Evans Arrested For Probation Violation

Jenelle Evans

It's not a good night for Jenelle Evans. Not only did her ex, Kieffer Delp, post her phone number all over Facebook, but the Teen Mom 2 star managed to get herself arrested! According to Brunswick County channel 3, Jenelle is currently being held at Brunswick County Detention Center for a violation of her probation. No word yet what this is pertaining to. Jenelle violated her probation earlier this Summer as well. I wonder if the phone number thing had anything to do with it. Did Jenelle go ballistic?

Jenelle Has A New Love Interest And Kieffer Has A Temper Tantrum

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans tweeted the above picture (which you pretty much can't see at all) yesterday, describing the man in the picture as a "new crush" and "A blonde surfer that's tan and sexy." I'll have to take her word for her it, since all I see half the face of a sleeping person and it's not even a clear picture at that. It almost looks like Jenelle broke into someone's house and tried to take a picture of them without them waking up. I'm cracking myself up just imagining this scenario. However, that's not the point of this post. It appears that Jenelle and Kieffer Delp, her on-again off-again boy toy, are now off-again. I don't know if that has anything to do with what happened today, so I'm not going to pretend I know, but Kieffer went ape shit crazy and started posting Jenelle's phone number all over her fan page:

Maci Bookout Is Stuck In A Time Warp

maci bookout

I've been busy this weekend transferring my site over to a faster server and watching Harry Potter (IMAX 3D, baby!), so I totally missed this picture that Teen Mom's Maci Bookout tweeted of her new 'do! Maci went back to red the other day and she looks better than ever! With the help of extensions, she looks awfully familiar. Hmm, where I have seen this look before? Oh, yeah!

Farrah Abraham Spends The Day In South Beach

farrah abraham

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham and her new boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez, must feel relieved they can finally make their relationship public. The pair were spotted (with Sophia!) at a South Beach park in Florida where Farrah recently relocated from Iowa. I think Farrah looks amazing! Not to mention the couple looks very happy together. However, since I'm the eternal optimist, I'm sure this is still the honeymoon phase before Daniel starts leaving open bags of chips on the living room floor and dirty boxers under the bed. I hope he's ready for Farrah's eye rolling and sighing. Anyway, I've gone off-track (I tend to do that a lot). Sophia seems to have taken to Daniel, as well, and I think it's great Farrah found love again. I have high hopes for this union.