Season 3, Ep. 9 - Her Little Tail Popped Out Of Her Diaper

catelynn lowell


Since California sucked, Farrah decides she may want to move to Arizona. She asks her parents to go with her. It's because she wants their input, but it almost sounds like she wants them to move there with first. Afterwards, she's like, "I need to be on my own! And that means moving halfway across the country!" Paraphrased, of course. Anyway, since Debra and Michael used to live in Arizona, Farrah thought they would want to come along and would know good places to live.

Another Teen Mom To Be An Extra In A TV Show

Jenelle Evans

First, Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham was cast as an extra in the new Charlie's Angels tv show and now Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans was cast as an extra in East Bound and Down. I always thought East Bound and Down was one of those shows no one has ever heard of or seen, but apparently I'm wrong. Jenelle has heard of it and guess what? I've seen it. It's about a washed-up baseball player with a mullet named Kenny Powers and how he thinks he's still famous. I think this will be a good opportunity for Jenelle as she's majoring in film. Who knows? Maybe this will be her big break. After Teen Mom 2, that is. And assuming more people than just me watch East Bound and Down.

Jenelle Evans Passes Drug Test

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans passed her routine drug test today when she had a meeting with her probation officer, which means she didn't get sent back to the clink. Hopefully Jenelle can stay clean, especially since she has two hearings scheduled for September. One for a previous violation of her probation (which was due to not passing a drug test) and a second for the charge of assault on a former friend.

Teen Moms Tweet About The VMAs

jonathan "jo" rivera

Unless you're living under a rock, you know that last night was the MTV Video Music Awards. Sadly, I didn't watch it, so I had a lot of catching up to do today! A lot of the Teen Moms watched though and they were busy tweeting about what they saw. I'm starting off with Lady Gaga, because I love her. Well, not her so much, but I love her music. She showed up at the VMAs looking like Prince, but it was actually supposed to be her alter ego, Jo Calderone.

Kailyn Lowry Is Not Pregnant

kailyn lowry

It looks like Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has joined the club. What club is that, you ask? The club of having pregnancy rumors floating around about her. I haven't heard about these rumors, but Kailyn is in good company. I think most of the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 girls have had the same rumor circulating about them at some point. Kailyn posted on her fan page:

Jenelle, Jenelle, Who Can I Turn To...**

Jenelle Evans

** If you have the song, "867-5309/Jenny" stuck in your head now, I have done my job.

Another mysterious phone number ended up on Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans' Facebook fan page. Since I was all excited and wanted to talk to Jenelle, I dialed that number up lickety-split! I'm just kidding. I didn't call it. However, other people did and it turns out it's not Jenelle's number at all! Shocker! (note: sarcasm). The number belongs to an A.J. and Rachel who, from what I have gathered after reading 316 comments until my eyes crossed, are friends of Kieffer Delp's.

Amber Portwood Spotted Leaving Rehab

Amber Portwood

I just mentioned yesterday how Teen Mom's Amber Portwood was due to leave the rehab facility she spent the last two months in after her suicide attempt in June. Radaronline has reported that Amber was spotted at the airport in Los Angeles looking "healthy and relaxed," as she headed out of California. There is word that she is going to spend some time with her brother, Shawn, in Tennessee and may even be considering a move there. I wonder what such a move will mean for Amber, her on-again off-again boyfriend/fiance/friend (I don't even know what he is anymore), Gary Shirley, and their daughter, Leah.

Jenelle Evans Braves Hurricane Irene

Jenelle Evans

The southeast coast of the United States is dangerous come hurricane season. Surprisingly, the last hurricane to hit land was in 2008. Hurricane Irene decided she would take care of that this week when she barreled over the Bahamas and headed straight for the U.S. Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, living on Oak Island, North Carolina, was directly in Irene's path and she was busy tweeting about and posting pictures of the storm.

Random Fact About Leah Shirley

Amber Portwood

Leah Leann Shirley's father, Gary, has said that if the Teen Mom tyke wasn't named Leah, they were leaning towards Madison. Personally, I'm glad they went with Leah. Nothing against the Madisons in the world, but it was a pretty common name back in 2008 when Leah was born, and I personally prefer uncommon names. It was the 6th most popular female name for babies that year. The name Leah didn't even show up on the register for the top 100. With that said, I'm obviously a hypocrite since my daughter has a very popular name.