Photos Released Of The Interior Of The Rendon Home

ebony rendon-jackson

16 and Pregnant's Ebony Jackson-Rendon and her husband, Joshua Rendon, were arrested this week due to the deplorable conditions in which they were living and raising their daughter, 2 year old Jocelyn. Not to mention the drugs and paraphernalia that were found in the home. It was reported that they might also be kicked off the air force base they're living on and Josh kicked out of the Air Force altogether.

Jenelle Evans Shows Off Her New Man

Jenelle Evans

My internet has been acting all kinds of crazy today, so this will have to be quick before my computer decides to explode.

Ebony Jackson-Rendon Arrested For Child Endangerment

ebony rendon-jackson

Ebony Jackson-Rendon and Joshua Rendon, who appeared on season 1 of 16 and Pregnant, were reported by TMZ to have had their home raided due to drug possession and child endangerment. According to the arrest report, "every room inside the residence had human and dog feces on the floor, walls, and clothing." Synthetic marijuana and smoking devices were also recovered. Three dogs were removed from the home due to the horrible conditions. Where was 2 year old Jocelyn? Child Protective Services took custody of her.

Maci Bookout Asks Fans For Pacifier Advice

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The Teen Mom cutie, Bentley Edwards, is addicted to his pacifier. There is no question about that. I have seen comment after comment from people saying that the pacifier needs to go. Personally, I always thought pacifiers were easier to get rid of than thumbs. My daughter sucked her thumb for an entire 5 years before she gave it up. With that said, I have heard so many people saying how difficult it is to break the paci habit. Bentley's mom, Maci Bookout, is looking for advice on breaking 2 year old Bentley's habit. She tweeted today:

Jenelle Evans Moving On Up

Jenelle Evans

We haven't had an update on the outspoken Teen Mom 2 star in awhile! There have been some changes in Jenelle Evans' life. The former brunette is now blonde again, but she added red this time! I love the layered hair look. My hair used to be black and neon orange. No joke. For the record, neon orange does not fade well and ends up looking like someone pissed on your head. Anyway, not only does Jenelle have a new look, but she has a new crib, as well! She has moved out of her mother, Barbara's, house and is now living with a friend of hers. If you were wondeing where little Jace fits in, she has a room for him to stay in and is still working on regaining custody.