We Couldn't Deny The Future Any Longer


I spent the better part of the last week sick on the couch and all I could do was browse the Internet on my phone, that's when I decided to finally see how Teen Mom Junkies looked on a mobile browser. Yikes. It was a nightmare to try and see any posts, so I vowed once I was feeling better to make the blog mobile friendly, and that's just what I did today!

Amber Portwood Opens Up About the IHop Incident

Amber Portwood

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood is sick of people talking shit about her whenever she's out in public as she told eonline. She didn't deny the IHop scuffle which occured on November 18th. She insists she was not drunk when someone started making racist comments and Amber was having none of that. After she politely told them to stop, they kept making comments so Super Amber saved the day by telling the patron to "shut her fucking mouth."

Amber Does Her Best To Promote Teen Mom; Gets Into Fight

Amber Portwood

Sometimes when you train a dog to pee outside, it can be a real pain in the ass. It can sometimes take weeks on end to keep rushing the dog to the door as he's pissing down your leg, and you know the entire time he's smiling inside because he doesn't give a shit. Then, just as you think you have the dog trained, you wake up one morning to find two huge puddles in your shoes and a big pile of poop greeting you just as you walk out your bedroom door.

Season 2, Ep. 1 - The Episode of Secrets

chelsea houska


Jenelle decides not to tell her mom, Babsy, that she bailed Kieffer out of jail or the fact that she's still going out with him, because that's always a good idea. She takes Jace to the park and meets Kieffer there to let him in on the plan of secrets.

Jenelle Evans And Bella Swan Taking You Into Teen Mom 2 Tonight

Jenelle Evans

What does Kristen Stewart (or as I call her, Bella Swan, because I like to stereotype actors into their most famous roles) have to do with Teen Mom 2? Absolutely nothing. However, Jenelle Evans tweeted the above picture yesterday to show her resemblance to the President of the Team Edward Fan Club.

Farrah Takes On The Kardashian Klan

Farrah Abraham

So a pretty boring Friday turned out to be a little exciting with just a little tweet from Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham when she decided to comment on the latest (daily) news from the "Kardashian Klan" (because they can't shit without calling a magazine). Apparently, the least obnoxious member of this klan was able to convince her narcissistic, douchebag boyfriend to stop staring in the mirror and stick his penis in her once again to conceive what will be their second child.

Gary Shirley Regrets Getting Inked

Amber Portwood

We all knew it was a mistake when he did it. You should never get a significant others name tattooed anywhere on your body in the first place, but when you are in a volatile relationship with the person and don't know if you will still be locking lips with them tomorrow, then you think it would just be common sense. Back in September, Teen Mom's Gary Shirley showed on-again off-again girlfriend, Amber Portwood, just how much in love with her he was. Or maybe just how drunk he was. Regardless, Gary is seeing the error of his ways now and tweeted a Public Service Announcement to all his fans:

Kyle King - Fashions New Superstar

maci bookout

It appears within 2-3 years, we'll have a clothing line for every cast member of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. Last week, Kailyn's son(!) launched a clothing line which officially means he's had a more productive life in his near 2 years on the planet than I've had in all my years combined. Now, it looks like the train is still rolling as Kyle has decided to launch his own clothing line, and is currently seeking a name for it on his facebook fan page. Currently he's down to koldnature or vying and you have the chance to make history and help him decide which one sounds better.