Season 3, Ep. 11 - I'm Walking Funny In These Things

catelynn lowell


Catelynn and Tyler received an email back from Brandon and Teresa saying that they're not sure they'll be able to make it to the graduation and they'll put some thought into it. However, they do gush over and over (and over and over) how proud they are of Catelynn and Tyler.

Catelynn Lowell Switches Her Major

catelynn lowell

It seemed like it was just yesterday that Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra glared from the stands at their friends graduating High School, since they still had another year to go. Well, their time has finally come! Both teens officially graduated in June and Tyler has already moved on to college. During last night's episode of Teen Mom, we got to see Catelynn finishing up her final classes of High School and speak with her teacher, Montee, about going to school for elementary education.

Jenelle Evans Gets A Shout-Out on True Blood

Jenelle Evans

I was going to post about this last night, but I didn't have a picture, and I figured with something like this, you need a picture. Jenelle tweeted last night:

Kailyn Lowry Clears Up Rumor About Younger Man

kailyn lowry

There has been this rumor going around for awhile now that Teen Mom 2's 19 year old Kailyn Lowry has been seeing a 17 year old High School senior named Mike Lush whom she supposedly met on Twitter. Of course, In Touch magazine took the story and ran with it, saying she's robbing the cradle and basically saying they're a hot and heavy item.

Farrah Is Making Me Want To Move To Florida

farrah abraham

On this week's episode of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham decided that Florida is the place for her. Moving from Iowa to Florida is a big change, but she's confident she can handle it. This is a girl who really goes after what she wants. She graduates culinary school, goes to school for her Bachelor's, moves to Florida to give her and Sophia a better life. I don't know where this mature and independent Farrah came from, but I like it! In fact, I'm a little envious. Farrah is going to school in Ft. Lauderdale, which is an amazing place. Yes, I want there and yes, I want to go back. In fact, I was on vacation there when Hurricane Andrew hit back in 1992 (I mentioned before that I have bad luck, right?). What I didn't know was what Farrah mentioned on her recent Momfinds interview: